Davos Seaworth Character Profile

Davos Seaworth real names Liam Cunningham, is a smart and experienced man who speaks his mind. He is a Stannis Baratheon’s trusted advisor though he cannot read. Davos character is seen in the ongoing Television series called Game of Thrones.

Davos Sea worth also goes by other names and titles like:


Onion Knight

Onion Lord

Ser Onions

Davos Shorthand

Hand of the King

Ser Lord of the Rainwood

Admiral of the Narrow Sea

Davos Seaworth character is in several books. Some of these books are:

A Dance with Dragons

A Storm of swords

A Clash of kings

A Feast of crows

Davos is husband to Marya Seaworth as per the Westeros culture. He is also a former smuggler. One time as he was helping Stannis as Storm’s End got under siege by Mace Tyrell. Stannis Baratheon is the Lord of Dragstone and a representative of the Iron Throne. Davos was pardoned for his smuggling acts when he saved Stannis though he lost the tip of his fingers as a punishment for his smuggling activities. Later on Stannis makes him a knight.

Ser Davos Seaworth is the protagonist in the fifth, fourth, third and second seasons. He debuts in the ‘North Remembers, where he is represented by Liam Cunningham as a cast member.

Davos is a simple man with an ordinary face. With a grey peppered gray beard, his eyes and hair are brown. On losing the tips of his fingers, Davos Seaworth wore the bones in a pouch around his neck until he lost them.

Davos is born into a life of hardship right from his inception in the Bottom ward of King’s Landing. His first job was at a Tyoroshi smugglers joint, which goes by the name Roro Uhoris, who is also a pirate. Though his boss later dies in the smuggling business, Davos is not deterred from finding his daily bread from the smuggling business. Davos weds a beautiful maiden by the name Marya who bears him seven sons; Dale, Allard, Matthos, Maric, Devan, Stannis and Steffon

Ser Davos Seaworth Born in a place called Flea Bottom which is the poorest slum in King’s Landing has seen better days. His ship which is black-sailed is very famous for going through narrow seas and secretly docking into harbors at odd hours of the night to avoid being captured by the authorities.

The origin of his name the Onion Knight began when he sneaked Stannis Baratheon after he was being followed in a place called Storms end. Davos was able to accomplish this act that changed his life through the delivery of smuggled foods and onions into the castle. This heroic act helped Stannis and his army survive up to the end of the war. From this heroic act, Stannis rewarded Davos by promoting him into a Knight. Davos adopted the name Seaworth for his family out of his past life and always kept the bones that were broken by Stannis as a punishment around his neck. He believed these bones brought him good luck.

In the second series, Davos is not very keen in religion and is featured watching his son keenly who is a new convert as he follows through with the church procession. Maester Cressen tries to interrupt the ceremony but is stopped by Melisandre. She proclaims Stannis as a hero when he uses a flaming sword.

When Stannis thinks he is the rightful heir to his father’s throne and decides to pursue it, Davos encourages him to make peace with Renly, his younger brother, to fight against Joffrey but Stannis refuses.

Davos at some point, watches as Cressen attempts to poison Melisandre. The latter also recognizes this, and fails to take the poisoned drink Cressen drinks it and bleeds to death. Though pregnant and in the course of Davos faithful duty to Stannis, Melisandre unsuccessfully tries to seduce Davos without any success.

In the third series after his son’s death, Davos is very worried to learn that Melisandre is assassinating all the people who speak out against her. Davos gets also very concerned as Melisandre is burning people alive as sacrifices and he decides to kill the Red woman. On his attempt to killing the Red woman, Stannis orders that Davos be put in the Dungeon. Davos is taken away as he tells Stannis that the woman will lead to his ruin.

In jail, Davos is visited by Princess Shireen, who asks him if he is a traitor. Davos agrees to this allegations and Shireen offers to give him books to keep him busy and tells him that he is still her friend. Davos confesses that he cannot read and the princess offers to train him.

Further on, Davos literacy improves greatly . King Stannis offers to set Davos free if he swears to the fact that he will not raise a finger against Melisandre to which Davos agrees. Davos remains faithful to Stannis amidst various changes, always opposing him when he strongly feels that he is wrong. Later, Davos is featured at the Watch’s funeral for those who fell during the Castle Black battle.

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