Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Guide

Episode 8: Hardhome

In episode 8 of season 5, “Hardhome”, Daenerys must decide Jorah and Tyrion’s fate. Dany is understandably hesitant to believe that Tyrion is actually who he says he is and, if his identity is true, why he wishes to help her. She asks him to decide Jorah’s fate to prove his use as a counselor. Tyrion tells Dany that Jorah should not be killed because of his devotion to the queen but that he should be banished because of his betrayal. Dany takes his advice.

In King’s Landing, Cersei is beaten and starved by a Sister of the faith. She refuses to confess despite these deprivations.

Arya learns how to pose as another person in Braavos. She pretends to be Lana, a peasant and oyster seller. As Lana, she is sent to the docks to make observations. She tells Jaquen of her understanding of the “Thin Man” — an insurer who double crosses his clients. Jaquen tells her that she must give the “Thin Man” a gift from the Many-Faced God. This gift is death. The other girl tells Jaquen that she does not think Arya is ready. Jaquen says that the Many-Faced God will accept its offering either way.

Qyburn visits Cersei in her cell and tells her of the changes since she has been imprisoned. She is to be charged with fornication, incest, treason and the murder of King Robert. Her uncle, Kevan, has be installed as the head of the King’s Council. Qyburn tells her to confess, that it is the only way to avoid further embarrasment. Cersei refuses again.

At Winterfell, Reek brings food to Sansa. She tells him that had Ramsay not already made Theon into Reek, she would do the same to him for betraying her and murdering her brothers. He then tells her how he became Reek and that, in fact, Rickon and Bran are not dead — at least as far as he knows. Sansa has hope for her family for the first time. Meanwhile, the Boltons prepare for Stannis’s arrival at Winterfell. Roose wants to keep the defensive advantage, but Ramsay asks for twenty men to go and harass the Baratheon men as they starve and freeze.

Back in Meereen, Tyrion and Dany discuss their respective terrible parents. Tyrion tells Dany that she is also terrible, but potentially terrible in the right way. She will not allow the common people to suffer the way her father did. However, Tyrion also points out that the support of the common people will not be enough to put Daenerys on the Iron Throne. Jorah sells himself back into slavery for the chance to enter the fighting pits and fight for Dany.

Cersei is asked by the Sister to confess once more. She refuses and the Sister dumps water on her cell. Brought to new lows, Cersei sucks the water off of the ground.

At the Wall, Gilly continues to care for Sam. Olly asks Sam why Jon is allying with the wildlings. Sam says that is a hard choice, but it also the right one.

Jon arrives at Hardhome.

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