Sandor Clegane “The Hound”

Sandor Clegane, who also goes by “The Hound”, is a brutally violent but secluded warrior. He is the brother to Gregor “The Mountain” Clegane, who burned his face in their youth with scorching brazier. Since then, he has been deathly afraid of flames.

In season 1, Clegnane is part of King Robert Baratheon’s trusted advisors. He also serves as Joffrey Baratheon’s personal bodyguard. At one point, he kills a boy and friend of Arya by the name of Mycah because he had gotten Joffrey bitten by the direwolf, Lady.

When Eddard Stark attempts to have Joffrey and Cersei arrested, “The Hound” and company slay down Stark’s bodyguards and take him prisoner. He then later helps capture Sansa Stark. Following the execution of Eddard, he is inducted into the Kingsguard. However, he refuses to take a knight ship.

He is also present when Sansa Stark is brought to see her father’s head where she is mercilessly mocked by Joffrey. After Sansa beaten by Meryn Trant, Sandor hands Sansa a handkerchief so that she may wipe her mouth. At the same time, he also rescues he from any more abuse from Joffrey.

In season 2, after killing a man in Joffrey’s name day tounrament, “The Hound” once again comes to the aid of Sansa. This time, he give her his white cloak to cover herself with after she is publicly stripped and beaten on command of the king.

Later in the season, as he is escorting Joffrey and Sansa through a citywide riot, he rescues the latter when she is nearly raped by a gang. They later form a bond when Sandor explains to her that while he is full of hate, she will one day be thankful for it as it will be the only thing to save her from Joffrey. However, he later catches her trying to cover up her first period. For this, he tells Cersei so that she can prepare Sansa for motherhood.

During the Battle of Blackwater, Sandor guards Joffrey until he is ordered into battle. Upon entering the fray, he is horrified at the spreading use of Wildfire. Terrified in battle of the blaze, he nearly dies until he is saved by Bronn. He would later retreat back inside to drink wine where he would be reprimanded by Tyrion.

While the battle rages on, he finds Sansa and offers to bring her to Winterfell to keep her safe. However, she declines and Sandor abandons the kingsguard, leaving the city forever.

In Season 3, Sandor is captured by the Brotherhood without Banners. Because of his service with the Lannisters, The Brotherhood then try to convict him of his crimes but can not because there is no evidence. However, Arya is also with the Brotherhood at this point and accuses him of killing her friend, Mycah. For this the Brotherhood charges him with the crime of following orders to kill. However, the decide to give him a fair trial by combat.

Sandor battles Beric Dondarrion for his right to freedom. Even after Beric is able to use magic and ignite his sword ablaze, Sandor still wins, thrashing a deep cut in his shoulder’s opponent. Arya tries to kill him following the battle but is stopped by Gendry. After Sandor mocks Arya, he is shocked to discover Dondarrion has been brought back to life with magic. However, he is still set free as he had technically won their battle.

After Gendry is handed to the Red Priestess Melisandre, Arya flees the Brotherhood but is later captured and held hostage by “The Hound”. With the intention to ransom her back to her family, they ride to the wedding of Edmure Telly and Roslin Frey. However, it is at this time the “red wedding” takes place. As the Starks and their men are being slaughtered, Arya attempts to run into the battle. However, she is knocked out by Sandor, as he knows they can not helped.

While riding together, they spot a group of Frey’s men. Arya ends up killing one of them and has to be saved by Sandor, who kills every man.

In season 4, with her mother and brother dead, Sandor now plans to ransom Arya off to her Aunt Lysa in The Vale. They later rest at a tavern, where they encounter Polliver and and his men. While Polliver recognizes Sandor, he does not Arya. After Polliver speaks with Sandor, they conversation grows intense until a brawl breaks out. Sandor kills all the men but Polliver who was stabbed in the back by Arya and her retrieved “needle”.

Continuing on their trek, Sandor reveals that after he exchanges Arya, he would like to travel to the Free Cities and fight as a sellsword. They later encounter a farmer, who welcomes them into his home with his daughter. He offers the pair a chance to stay for some time if they work. While they agree to the arrangement, Sandor later robs the farmer of silver and to Arya’s dismay, they leave.

While resting, Arya recites her list of people she wishes to kill to Sandor, including him.

Sandor Clegane is portrayed by Rory McCann in seasons 1, 2, 3, and 4 in Game of Thrones.

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