Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 6 Guide

Episode 6 Recap: A Golden Crown

Lord Eddard Stark regains consciousness after the injuries inflicted by Jaime Lannister’s men. He then goes to find King Robert and Queen Cersei. Cersei is angry at Eddard’s involvement in the arrest of Tyrion and Jaime’s attack on the street. She also says that Eddard was drunk and attacked Jaime first. Robert insists on hearing Eddard’s side of the story, and she is furious and leaves in anger. Eddard is restored to his position as the King’s Hand.

In the Vale, Tyrion tricks Lysa about informing the court of his arrest. Tyrion confesses nothing concerning an attempt on Bran’s life or the death of Lysa’s husband. Tyrion then demands a trial by combat and Bronn chooses to fight for him. Bronn then defeats Ser Vardis Egen. Tyrion can freely walk with Bronn as his escort.

Meanwhile, Arya is taking care of her father injury while they were in for a class a sword-dance. This is a lesson she gets of avoiding destruction while fighting. In the Starks’ standard room, Septa and Sansa are interrupted by Joffrey who comes to apologize to Sansa for his bad behavior earlier and Sansa receives a necklace from him. Sansa accepts the apology happily not knowing that Joffrey was forced to do that by her mother. Later, Eddard concludes that Joffrey is not Robert’s real son. He has realized that only Robert’s bastards are his own children, not the heirs to the throne.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys takes one of the eggs of the dragons and puts it into a blazing fire. She then gets to take it back, and the handmaiden goes to take it from her hands and burns herself while doing that. Deanerys proclaims that her son will bring together the world under one banner. This comes after some struggle of eating the heart of a stallion that is raw. This is a Dothraki tradition. If Daenerys suceeds, she will give birth to a boy.

Later at the feast, Viserys draws his sword to his sister and says that if he is not given an army, he will take Daenerys out and cut her child ourtof her womb. Khal Drogo then agrees to give Viserys the Golden Crown that he wanted. Khal Drogo dumps molten gold on Viserys’ head. He dies, and Daenerys says that he was no true dragon.

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