Season 5 Episode 4 Predictions

The title of Season 5 episode 4, “Sons of the Harpy,” suggests that we will be focusing on Daenerys’s struggle to maintain power in Meereen. Daenerys is beginning to realize that being a queen is more than simply conquering a city and her leadership falters for it. The Sons of the Harpy pose a serious threat to her cause. Former slave-owners, furious with their economic and social loss, this group will stop at nothing to regain their power. Daenerys will have to find a way to placate them while maintaining her ideals of freedom and justice. The Sons of the Harpy may also force Daenerys to start to understand that a young woman who is in love with one of her advisors is hardly the most objective of rulers. Will she have to choose between Daario and her role as queen?

Check out the preview for Season 5, Episode 4: “Sons of the Harpy”.

The official plot synopsis from HBO also promises time in Dorne, as Jaime and Bronn arrive in the city. Ellaria Sand, as you might remember, is very unhappy with the lack of action taken by Dorian Martell. She believes that it is time for the Martells to take action against the Lannisters. Since Dorian is much more placid than Oberyn was, Ellaria will find another group to help her take action. This episode promises the introduction of the Sand Snakes. The Sand Snakes are Oberyn’s illegitimate daughters, all of whom have been taught to fight for themselves and for others — especially other women. Many of the Sand Snakes are Ellaria’s daughters, although some are children of other women as well. They and Ellaria will begin to decide how to best get revenge for Oberyn’s murder in “Sons of the Harpy.”

Finally, “Sons of the Harpy” will focus on the growing threat of the Faith Militant or the Sparrows in King’s Landing. The Sparrows know too much about Cersei for her comfort. Although the High Sparrow and Cersei ended last episode on relatively good terms, his immense piety is sure to cause him to question Cersei’s actions and beliefs. With Cersei’s former lover and accomplice in the death of King Robert, Lancel Lannister, a part of the Sparrows, Cersei’s sins may begin to come to light.

What do you expect from “Sons of the Harpy”? Who are you expecting to see? Check back with us for a recap after Episode 4 airs on May 3rd, 2015.

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