Season 5 Episode 8 Predictions

Game of Thrones continues to march into new territory in Episode 8 of Season 5, “Hardhome”. Dramatic changes from the A Song of Ice and Fire series makes it more and more difficult to predict what is coming for the characters we all love.

Check out the teaser for Episode 8, “Hardhome”

In the North, Jon Snow is leaving the Wall to negotiate with the wildlings. Although in the books, Tormund Giantsbane does liaison with the wildlings on Jon’s behalf, Jon does not leave the Wall to venture to Hardhome itself. Allowing Jon to go with Tormund to Hardhome will give the viewers a glimpse of wildling life that readers have not yet understood. This journey is sure to cause strife and differences among the wildlings and their leaders. Jon’s idea is a good one, but it will be difficult to convince others of its necessity. This is especially true at the Wall, where Samwell and Gilly remain Jon’s only true friends. Jon Snow’s desire to help the wildlings may cost him the support of his Night’s Watch brothers. Will it end poorly for Jon Snow or will he become a triumphant leader?

At Winterfell, Sansa is struggling to regain her agency as everyone around her betrays her. Knowing now that she cannot trust Theon to help her, Sansa must find a new way to survive — at least until Stannis arrives at Winterfell. Will this episode finally be the one that Stannis arrives at Winterfell and fights the Boltons? If certain speculators are right, and Brienne will kill Stannis, he will likely not arrive at Winterfell until episode 9, “The Dance of Dragons”.

The official synopsis of “Hardhome” promises some time spent with Arya and the Faceless Men. Arya must begin to learn how to be Faceless, with the help of Jaquen H’gar. The young girl who works with Arya will be her partner in learning how to become one of the many. Arya must learn how to put aside her identity. This will be incredibly difficult for the girl who cannot let go of her name list or her beloved sword.

In Meereen, Daenerys must decide what to do about Tyrion and Jorah. Although Tyrion could prove incredibly useful to the unseasoned ruler that Dany is, Dany feels that she must continue to punish Jorah. Daenerys has not yet learned how to bend where she must to protect both herself and her people. Perhaps Tyrion will be able to help her truly understand the necessity of flexibility.

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