Season 5 Episode 7 predictions

Episode 7 of Season 5, ‘Hardhome’, promises to be a thrilling episode. Jon Snow will continue to struggle with his decision to allow the wildlings through the Wall to settle the Gift. Although Jon remains firm in his opinion that this is the right choice, he will begin to lose the support of his fellow Night’s Watch brothers. Even those who have been his friends from the very beginning are losing faith in him. The name of this episode, Hardhome, comes from a settlement of Free Folk in the North. Formerly the only city in the North, Hardhome was ruined by an unknown tragedy centuries ago. Today, many of the weaker inhabitants of the North have claimed the ruins as a place of safety against the White Walkers. Although Jon is meant to go with Tormund to meet the wildling, it is very likely that Sam will actually be the one to go with Tormund. Jon needs Sam to become a maester, and so he will stop at Hardhome on his way to Oldtown.

Stannis will march on Winterfell in this episode. Due to immense changes from the books, it is difficult to predict exactly what will fall out when he arrives. Many people, however, believe that this may be Stannis’s last episode. It is possible that Brienne will come upon him and, due to her anger at Renly’s death, kill him before he can free Sansa Stark. No matter what, the events at Winterfell will be dramatic. Sansa will attempt to convince Theon to aid her as she attempts to survive Ramsay’s sociopathic tendencies. Theon will struggle with telling her that he was not responsible for the deaths of Rickon and Bran and that they are still likely to be alive somewhere.

At King’s Landing, Cersei will continue to take advantage of the High Faith. Currently, she is feeling rather smug over her coup, taking both Margaery and Loras prisoner by the Faith. However, Cersei must watch her own back. The High Faith does not discriminate in their discrimination.

In the East, Tyrion will arrive at Daenerys’s court. Jorah’s welcome is in question and Tyrion has no idea what to expect with Daenerys. The fighting pits reopen promise chaos in the city as the two arrive.

Check back on Sunday to see if our predictions were correct!

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