Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 6 Guide

Episode 6 Recap: The Climb

This episode begins in King’s Landing. The conversation between Olenna and Tywin turns to marriage as Tywin pushes for a marriage between Ser Loras and Cersei after insults of Loras’s homosexuality and Cersei’s incestuous tendencies are thrown. Olenna refuses until Tywin remarks that he will have Loras thrown into the Knight’s Guard to revoke his right to ever marry. Olenna then agrees to his proposal and is impressed with his tenacity.

Tyrion, across King’s Landing, has a conversation with Cersei about their impending marriages and accuses her and Joffery of attempted murder. Cersei accuses Tywin as the most dangerous to Tyrion. Tyrion then tells Sansa that she will marry him, much to her chagrin.

In the Riverlands, Arya works on her archery while Thoros speaks with Melisandre about Dondarrion’s six deaths and she is shocked. Thoros then questions her as to why she is there, and she mentions that she is there to take Gendry. She proceeds to do this, much to Arya’s disgust.

Also in the Riverlands, Robb meets with Lord Frey, hoping for an ally. To accomplish this, Robb must give a formal apology, Edmure must marry Roslin, and give up the castle Harrenhal. In Harrenhal, Jamie Lannister is set free on the condition that he will tell no one that Bolton had a hand in his maiming. Jamie agrees, but is dismayed when Brienne is not permitted to accompany him. She must stay in Harrenhal, under arrest.

In the North, Theon is awoken bolted to a cross. He is tortured as blood runs all over his finger and hands. Theon will not guess the identity of his torturer until the torturer flays his little finger. Theon guesses that his torturer is Torrhen Karstark. At first, this seems to be true. However, the torturer then reveals he was lying to Theon for his own amusement. The episode concludes beyond the wall, or more specifically, at the wall in a literal climb.

Jon Snow and Ygritte begin to talk about their relationship and the climb that is about to happen. Ygritte lets Jon know that she knows that he is loyal to the Night’s Watch. She also threatened to castrate him if he lies to her again. They climb the wall, barely making it up. The episode ends with the duo kissing, safely atop of the wall.

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