Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 2 Guide

Episode 2 Recap: Dark Wings, Dark Words

The second episode of Game of Thrones season three starts us off when Bran dreams that he is in the woods, walking and hunting. In his dream, Bran sees the 3-eyed raven again. As he tries aiming his bow, Bran relives in the memories where he practiced archery, alongside Robb and Jon. He then hears the voice of his father, Eddard. Bran misses after shooting the raven; however, a young stranger comes into appearance. The youngster tells Bran that it is impossible for him to shoot the raven because the raven is a representation of Bran himself. Suddenly, Bran wakes up, and this makes Hodor worried, though he assures Hodor that he is fine. Osha says that they’ve got enough problems other than the dark dreams. Osha, Rickon, Bran, and Hodor, alongside the dire wolves, continue with their journey headed north from Winterfell.

Later on in the Game of Thrones episode, ‘Dark Wings, Dark Words, the boy from dream approaches towards their camp, but he is unarmed. Summer, one of the dire wolves, snarls at the young boy. But after sniffing the hands of the boy, Summer turns away. Osha tries killing the boy but his sister intervenes. The young boy introduces himself as Jojen Reed, and his sister as Meera. The Reeds have been looking for Bran and Rickon so that they can offer protection.

Meanwhile, Shae sneaks into the new chambers of Tyrion, where he tries warning her of his father’s threats to kill her, especially if they are found together. The threats don’t seem to work on Shae, and instead, she starts undressing Tyrion, and then asks him to protect Sansa as a favor to Shae. Tyrion tells Shae that he no longer has the power and influence to protect Sansa. Shae then accuses Tyrion of being attracted to Sansa, though he denies it. In the process, it comes out that Tyrion had sex with Ros awhile back at the North, though Tyron defends himself and says that it happened before he had met Shae. The two then start making love.

Sansa meets the Tyrell family. Loras escorts her to Lady Olenna. Along the way, Sansa mentions that he had given her a rose at the Tourney of the Hand and realizes that he does not remember doing so. Some of her romantic dreams are dashed. Olenna convinces Sansa to tell her and Margaery the depths of Joffrey’s depravity.

Margaery then uses some of this information to manipulate Joffrey. He interrogates her about her relationship with Renly. She diverts the questioning by flirting with him over violence and death, Joffrey’s favorite topics.
Catelyn and Robb attempt to repair their relationship with the Freys. Catelyn shares her feelings about Jon Snow with Talisa. Just south of the Riverlands, Arya and Gendry are taken captive by the Brotherhood without Banners. The Hound is also taken captive and reveals Arya’s true identity.

Brienne and Jaime are making their way to the country via the Riverlands, as they head to King’s Landing. Their intention is to exchange the prisoner for the Stark girls. Brienne is wary to let Jaime out of her sight because he is really mocking her. As they travel, Jaime starts suspecting that Brienne isn’t exactly from the North, mainly because he didn’t notice her at Winterfell while he was there visiting. He also insists that she must be a supporter of Baratheon. Later on, the pair reaches a river and decide whether to take the bridge or attempt a dangerous crossing of the river. Brienne takes the bridge, which is safer; however, Jaime manages to distract her, where he takes away Brienne’s spare sword. They enter into a sword fight along the bridge.

In the North, Jon Snow marches toward the Wall with the army of wildlings. Jon learns what a warg is – someone who can share their consciousness with an animal. Lord Commander Mormont leads the surviving Night’s Watch members back towards the Wall as well. He orders Samwell not to die and the order works.

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