Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 5 Guide

Season 3, Episode 5 Recap: Kissed by Fire

The Season 3 episode “Kissed by Fire” opens at Dragonstone with Queen Selyse and King Stannis. The king admits that he has not been faithful to his wife, Selyse. She strangely understands and approves of his infidelity as a tribute to the Lord of Light. Selyse also keeps her dead babies in jars and her surviving daughter has a facial deformity. King Stannis visits his daughter, Shireen, and tells her that Davos has been put in prison for treason. She then brings him a book, friendship, and reading lessons.

In the Riverlands, there is an epic battle between the Hound Sandor Clegane and Lord Beric Dondarrion. Dondarrion lights his sword on fire to frighten the Hound; however, the Hound does prevail, killing Dondarrion. The Lord of Light, through the priest Thoros, brings Dondarrion back to life. Arya asks if Thoros could bring a man without a head back to life, referring to her father. He says that he could not and even if he could, Ned would be leading a half-life.

In Riverrun, the young Lannister boys that had been held captive are murdered by Lord Rickard Karstark. King Robb executes him and loses allies that were loyal to Lord Rickard Karstark. King Robb’s new plan is to attack the Lannister homeland, Casterly Rock. He intends to find new allies through a woman that he was supposed to marry earlier. He turns his army towards House Frey. Beyond the wall, Jon and Ygritte continue to become closer.

Tormund and Mance Rayder still suspect that Jon is double crossing them in favor of the Night’s Watch. Jon then breaks his vows to the Night’s Watch by sleeping with Ygritte. Afterwards, they discuss the red color of her hair which is considered lucky by the wildings — ‘kissed by fire’.

We also begin to learn more about Jamie, casting him in a sympathetic light. He tells Brienne about killing King Aerys. He speaks of Aerys’ liking for torture, especially setting other people on fire. He says that he killed Aerys because the king asked him to set the entire King’s Landing on fire and take off his own father’s head. We see that Ned Stark’s unbending honor is what caused Jamie’s downfall as the Kingslayer. Jamie believes that Stark would have never listened to him.
Back with Daenerys, the eunuchs are now free and Grey Worm was put in charge. Daenerys tells him that he should choose his own name; however, Grey Worm likes this name, because it was the name he had when he was liberated. Daenerys seems as if she is not sure what to make of this declaration, but she approves of Grey Worm. Ser Barristan Selmy explains why he has deserted the Lannisters in favor of Dany.

Finally, the episode concludes back at King’s Landing. Cersei is asking Lord Baelish for help in getting rid of the final Tyrells in King’s Landing. She tries to convince Baelish that the Tyrells do not have King’s Landing’s interests at heart and she is worried. In another part of King’s Landing, Loras and his squire have sex. The squire is actually a spy for Littlefinger. Also, Tyrion has a conversation with Olenna, who agrees to fund some of the royal wedding. Tyrion is then told by his father, Tywin, that Tyrion must marry Sansa so that Loras cannot. This wedding would make the Tyrells too powerful.

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