Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 6 Guide

Episode 6 Recap: The Old Gods and the New

Episode 6 of season 2 opens in Winterfell where Maester Luwin sends off a messenger raven as an attack approaches by Theon Greyjoy. Bran Stark surrenders in order to save his people. As this happens, one of Theon’s men captures Rodrik Cassel, who spits in Theon’s face. In order to save his reputation among the people, Theon executes him but does not do the beheading smoothly. Later in the night Osha and Theon have sex. Once Theon falls asleep, Osha smuggles Bran Stark, Rickon Stark, Hodor, and their direwolves.

At Robb Stark’s camp Robb Stark is sent news of Theon’s betrayal. He orders Theon’s execution; however, he wants to kill him himself so he can ask Theon why he betrayed him to his face. He also introduces Talisa to Catelyn Stark and Brienne of Tarth.

In Harrenhal Arya reveals that she can read to Tywin, and she must hide her face when Littlefinger comes to visit Tywin. Littlefinger discusses Renly’s death and Stannis’s army. He suggests to Tywin that an alliance with the House of Tyrell may be the intelligent way to squash Stannis’s army. Tywin later asks questions about Arya’s heritage, but she does not give away her identity. She notices, however, a letter from Robb Stark and steals it only to bump into Amory Loch. He is suspicious of her, but as he goes to tell Tywin he is killed by Jaqen H’ghar.

Back in King’s Landing the royal court sends off Myrcella, and Cersei is heartbroken. She tells Tyrion that she will never forgive him for doing so, because Myrcella was her only daughter. Tyrion’s plan is for Myrcella to stay in Dorne until she is of age, and then she will marry. As they walk back to the castle through the crowd, the crowd throws excrement at Joffery and Sansa gets lost in the crowd. The High Septon is torn apart by the mob. Tyrion is enraged when he realized that Joffery would not send men out to recover Sansa and slaps Joffery. Sansa is almost raped but is saved by Sandor. He brings her back to the castle.

Over the wall, Jon Snow is told to kill a wildling named Ygritte, but he hesitates and she runs. He catches her just in time for darkness to fall; therefore, they will wait for the sun to come up before Jon makes his way back to the Night’s Watch with her.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys tries negotiating with the Spice King, but the negotiations are not going well. She returns to her rooms only to discover that her guards are dead and her dragons are gone. She is enraged and shocked.

In short, The Old Gods and the New features Theon capturing Winterfell only to lose his hostages. Robb Stark is enraged when Theon betrays him and orders a manhunt to take him alive. Arya is getting dangerously close to being discovered, but avoids it narrowly. Cersei’s daughter is sent away and the crowd surrounding the dock is a danger to the royals. Sansa is taken away only to be recovered by Sandor. Jon Snow meets Ygritte and does not kill her. The episode closes with Daenerys Targaryen losing her dragons to a hooded man.

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