Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 5 Guide

Episode 5 Recap: The Ghost of Harrenhal

The episode opens on King Renly being brutally murdered by the shadow that was birthed by Melisandre while Brienne is blamed for the death. She flees with Catelyn, whom Brienne later swears fealty to. The army divides into factions that Littlefinger tries to mediate toward Joffrey’s side. Davos, during all of this, convinces Stannis to leave Melisandre behind, and Davos is named the commander of Stannis’s fleet.

Tyrion gives Cersei news of Renly’s death and warns her that an attack from Stannis is on the horizon. From Lancel, Tyrion’s spy, Tyrion learns that Cersei has had many meetings with the Alchemists’ Guild. Tyrion goes to investigate only to see that Cersei has ordered the hoarding of Wildfire, a dangerous catapult weapon that has the potential to wipe out cities. Tyrion then orders the alchemist, Hallyne, to answer to only him.

Theon Greyjoy takes control of his command and sails to Torrhen’s Square to raid the land and draw out Stark’s forces from Winterfell. This is successful. Bran Stark is still suffering from nightmares. He dreams of his people, including Ser Rodrik, being drowned in Winterfell after it floods.

In Harrenhal, Tywin Lannister holds a meeting with the war council to decide how to deal with Robb Stark. As Arya is still cupbearer to Tywin, he questions her heritage. She avoids telling him the truth about her identity. Arya then meets up with Jaqen H’gar. To repay his debt to Arya, he decides to offer her three murders by his hand and tells her that she can choose the targets. She first targets the Tickler, who is found dead the next day.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys has taught her dragons to breathe fire at her command. She is also is asked for her hand in marriage by Xaro in exchange for funding her mission. She asks Jorah for his advice, and he tells her that it is a bad idea to seek financial aid. He tells her that he has feelings for her, but she does not feel the same.

In short, Renly is killed by Melisandre’s shadow child, and Brienne flees with Catelyn. Littlefinger tries to make chaos his currency. Tyrion tells Cersei of Renly’s death and Stannis’s encroachment, and he discovers her new weapon that she is hoarding. Theon Greyjoy launches a successful raid. Tywin Lannister is oblivious to the Stark that he has employed as he plans what to do with Robb Stark. Arya Stark is given an exchange for saving a prisoner’s life. Daenerys is given a proposal that she is not comfortable with.

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