Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 2 Guide

Episode 2 Recap: The Night Lands

Episode 2 of Season 2 of Game of Thrones, “The Night Lands”, opens with Arya cross-dressing in order to travel north with Yoren’s recruits for the Night’s Watch. She is curious about the prisoners after Jagen H’ghar introduces himself after he asks her for a drink of water. Arya then hides quickly when Golden Cloaks enter the party, because she believes that they were coming for her. The Golden Cloaks were actually there to issue a warrant for Gendry. The Golden Cloaks leave without one after Yoren scares them off. When Arya confronts Gendry he is unaware of why he is wanted. He then tells her that he knows that she is a woman, and she makes him promise that he will tell no one. Gendry agrees.

Back in King’s Landing Tyrion threatens Varys after he finds out the Shae is living in Tyrion’s tower. Later, Alton Lannister arrives after being freed from capture with the terms of Robb Stark. Cersei promptly rejects these terms. Also in King’s Landing, Ros is having trouble continuing to work for Petyr Baelish. because she was horrified at the murder of an infant, Barra. She is then threatened by Baelish. Baelish notes that he will send her to a terrible client to get back his investment in her if she continues to act the way that she has been.

Tyrion then has a talk with Janos Slynt about the murders of royal bastards such as Barra. Janos admits that he was involved, but he will not tell Tyrion who the leader was and who ordered the attack. Tyrion has Janos banished to the Night’s Watch because of this. Cersei is not pleased with this development and tells Tyrion that his best joke was killing their mother.

Far away on Dragonstone, Davos recruits Lysene’s fleet that include at least thirty ships for King Stannis’s cause. Melisandre then begins to seduce the king, promising a son. Theon Greyjoy sleeps with the daughter of the captain who is bringing him home to the Iron Islands. He does not get a happy welcome when he disembarks only to see that no one is there to meet him. He gets a ride to Pyke from a lady that he tries to seduce the entire way. Once he makes his way to his father’s house, he discovers that this woman is actually his sister, Yara. Balon compares him to his sister and Balon says that he will take what is his without needing to fight for the Starks.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys and her men are exhausted and in need of food and water. Her riders return with one dead, and Daenerys promises to hold a funeral for him due to Irri’s devastation. They are no closer to food or water.

Beyond the wall, Gilly, one of Craster’s wives, is rescued by Samwell Tarly. Gilly confides in him, telling Samwell that she is fearful of what Craster will do to her baby if it is a boy. Samwell takes her to Jon Snow, and he tells her that he cannot help. He does, however, follow Craster out into the woods where Craster leaves a baby for the White Walkers. Jon Snow intends to save the baby, but Craster knocks him unconscious.

So to recap this episode, Arya cross-dresses and Gendry is wanted for something that he is not aware of. He keeps Arya’s secret. Shae is discovered by Varys and Tyrion threatens him. Tyrion exiles Janos, much to Cersei’s chagrin. Ros dislikes working for Littlefinger, but is told to get over it quickly. Melisandre seduces the king as ships are bought. Balon has a plan to get the Greyjoys on the throne. Daenerys and her men do not have any luck as they travel through the Red Waste. Craster has been giving his sons up to the White Walkers and he attacks Jon Snow at the end of the episode.

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