Jorah Mormont Character Profile

Ser Jorah Mormont is one of the most prominent characters in season one through four of the Game of Thrones. The character is played by a member of the starring cast known as Iain Glen, who debuts in the premiere series. He is an exiled knight and the previous head of the House of Mormont as well as the Lord of Bear Island. Jorah previously stayed in Westeros where he escaped in order to avoid execution on ground of slave trade, he later assumed work as a mercenary in the Free Cities, ultimately joining the service of the last Targaryens.

There, he builds his reputation as one of the most trusted allies of Daenerys Targaryen. Alternatively he is referred to as Jorah the Andal, and Bear. At Jorah’s maturity, Jeor Mormont joined the Night’s watch so as to hand his son the lordship of the House of Mormont. True to his father’s speculations, Jorah never disappointed and viciously fought many battles. For example, he fought in the Greyjoy Rebellion, during which he showed exemplary performance being among the first men through the breach during the siege of Pyke. In light of this, King Robert Baratheon awarded Jorah a knighthood. One of his companions, Illyrio Mopatis, who was dazzled with his bravery, claims Jorah was anointed by the High Septon after becoming a knight, but it is not apparent if Jorah is inclined to any religion.

A sharp contrast is noticeable between Jorah’s extensively successful military career and love, in which case, he is always unlucky. The misfortunes in his romance life began with the infertility in his first marriage. His wife who came from the House Glover, could not carry to term a child throughout their ten years of marriage, when she finally was about to give birth on her third pregnancy, she died due to miscarriage. The bad luck did not stop at that, he met his second wife, Lynesse Hightower during the tourney at Lannisport as they celebrated victory. Jorah fought so well that he won all the challenges placed for him to win Lynesse over. Although they married for love, the marriage was clouded with sadness all over with very few happy times. This was so because Lynesse was not prepared for the kind of life Jorah led as compared to the life she enjoyed at her Father’s place.

In a move seen as a way of compensating for what she was missing from her previous lifestyle, Lynesse borrowed several debts. This landed Jorah in trouble when he resorted to slave trade in order to pay off the debts. In the Seven Kingdom, slave trade was considered a taboo. In light of this offence, Jorah left for Volantis to escape imprisonment; he lived there as a sellsword.

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