Ned Stark Character Profile

Eddard Stark is the son of Rickard Stark. He is the second son in that family. His family and friends call him Ned. Eddard has an older brother, Brandon, who was Rickard’s heir. He also had a younger brother and sister, Lyanna and Benjen respectively. Ned is the Lord of Winterfell, which is the ancient fortress in the North of the Kingdom of Westeros. Additionally, he is the warden of the north. In addition to this, he is a male head of House Stark. Ned Stark is a father of six children, a committed husband, a patriotic friend and an honourable lord. In the HBO Series, Eddard Stark is played by Sean Bean.

Ned Stark was married to Lady Catelyn of House Tully despite the fact that they hardly knew each other before the wedding. Their five children include Robb, Sansa, Arya, Bran and Rickon. Jon Snow is also his illegitimate bastard son. While outside of the walls of Winterfell, the Stark men come across a dead stag and a dead direwolf. The direwolf’s litter of six pups have survived. Eddard decides to kill them, but Jon argues that it would be an ill omen. He lets his children take care of them on a condition that they will not ask for any help from the servants.

Ned Stark is a close friend to Robert Baratheon. In the first episode of Game of Thrones, he is asked to be the Hand of the King. As they travel to the King’s Landing, Joffrey is injured by Arya’s direwolf Nymeria after assaulting Arya. Arya then chases Nymeria, and she hides in the woods. She is found after some time, and her father Eddard is summoned to court. He is ordered to punish Arya. Joffrey lies about how the incident began, and Sansa backs him. Robert dictates the killing of Sansa’s direwolf, lady, and Eddard takes care of the matter by himself. This leads to conflict between Sansa and Ned and Arya. He tries to solve the problem which proves to be hard.

Despite Robert and Eddard’s history, Ned’s new post comes between them. Differences arise when Eddard refuses to approve the assassination of Daenerys. He then resigns as hand, and he prepares to go back to Waterfall though he is later persuaded not to. Even though, he orders Sansa and Arya to go back to Winterfell as he fears war. Eddard becomes the protector of Realm after Robert’s death which is set to last until Joffrey attains the rightful age. Eddard orders the city watch to take Joffrey and his mother into custody, but the crowd does otherwise leading to the killings of his men. Ned Stark is put in black cells. He confesses that he had intentions of seizing the throne for himself after realising that Arya is still under Lannisters hostage. He acknowledges Joffrey as the king before being killed.

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