Why Game of Thrones Almost Didn’t Have Dragons

Apparently, when George R.R. Martin was writing the Game of Thrones book series, he almost didn’t include dragons! Can you imagine Daenerys, Mother of Dragons, without her three fire breathing pets?

Martin appeared on Conan to talk about his books. He said he went back and forth on whether to have actual dragons or not along with the ones on the Targaryens’ banners. He was eventually convinced by another fantasy writer friend, quoting her as saying, “George, this is a fantasy, you have to have real dragons in it.” We’re so glad she convinced him, since we couldn’t imagine Game of Thrones without badass dragons. 

Here’s a few fun facts about the dragons in Game of Thrones that we bet you didn’t know!

  • Daenerys has three dragons that match the color of the eggs they hatched in – black, gold and green
  • The three dragons are named Drogon (black), Viserion (gold), Rhaegal (green)
  • Drogon was named after Daenerys’ first husband, Drogo (deceased)
  • Viserion was named after Daenerys’ brother, Viserys (deceased)
  • Rhaegal was named after Daenerys’ oldest brother Rhaegar (deceased)
  • Dragons can grow to a monstrous size. In the books, it is said dragons essentially keep growing if they have enough food and space. And there is a dragon skull in the Red Keep that has a mouth large enough to swallow a man whole. Martin has said the below picture is a picture with accurate scale of a full-grown dragon.


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