Talisa Stark Character Profile

Talisa Maegyr is a healer and is Robb Stark’s love interest, eventually marrying him and falling pregnant with his baby. Talisa Maegyr is played by Oona Chaplin. Talisa was born a noble woman from a city called Volantis. At the age of 12, her parents left to attend a wedding and left her in charge of her younger brother. On the second day after their parents’ departure, she and her brother went swimming in a river together with other children. After a short while, she realized that her brother was missing and after looking for him, discovered him face down in the water.

She believed him to be dead until a slave came up to her, pushed her away from her brother and starting pumping on her brother’s chest. The slave eventually managed to revive him. Then and there, she decided two things: never to live in a place that practiced slavery and to stop wasting her years by dancing with other nobles. After she had come of age, she dedicated her life to learning the art of healing and eventually moved to Westeros.

She makes her first appearance when tending to a wounded Lannister soldier. She asks for Robb Stark’s assistance when she amputates the soldier’s leg. Afterward, she criticizes Robb for planning to dethrone the current king without having anyone to replace him with. She further points out that the Lannister soldier, whose leg she just amputated, was little more than a fisherman, and that Robb’s army was able to win because they were fighting against an untrained army.

She later seeks Robb out to send him for more medical supplies after he which he invites her along on the trip. Talisa later comforts Robb after he hears that his mother released Jamie Lannister, their captive. It is during this time that both Robb and Talisa acknowledge their feelings for one another. They sleep together and later get married in secret. While on the road to the Twins, Talisa divulges that she is pregnant with their first child and the couple embrace.

At The Twins, Lord Walder Frey takes one look at Talisa and claims that Robb did not marry her out of love but because of her appearance and youth. Robb takes offense, but Frey diffuses the tension by claiming that he would have done the same. His daughter Roslin Frey is then married off to Edmure Tully. During the wedding, at Lord Walder Frey’s command, Talisa, Robb and Catelyn Stark and their men are murdered. She was compassionate and had a heart for the ailing and weak.

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