Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 4 Guide

Episode 4 Recap: Garden of Bones

Season 2, Episode 4 of Game of Thrones, ‘Garden of Bones’, opens with Robb Stark’s northern army doing significant damage in a surprise raid of the Lannister’s encamped army. Robb Stark looks over the battlefield as the Silent Sisters attend to the various people wounded. Robb’s men do not want to take the Lannister soldiers captive. But Robb does not want the Lannisters doing the same to Sansa and Arya. Next, Robb meets Talisa of Volantis, who is in the process of sawing a wounded man’s leg off.

Meanwhile Arya, Gendry, and Hot Pie are taken to Harrenhal. Harrenhal is a fortress that was nearly obliterated with dragon fire hundreds of years ago by the Targaryaens. Lannister soldiers take the three under their command. The Lannister soldiers torture peasant refugees in order to steal from them. One cruel torture method was to force a rat to chew through the person’s abdomen. Later on, Tywin Lannister shows up and declares that this torture must end. Gendry is put to work, and Tywin discovers that Arya is a not a boy and is impressed with her. He puts her to work as his cupbearer.

Joffrey, back in King’s Landing, beats Sansa senselessly after hearing of his loss to the Starks. He strips and beats her in front of the court. Tyrion covers up Sansa and berates Joffrey, telling him he was an idiot for beating his future wife and queen. Tyrion then comforts Sansa and escorts her out of the room. Sansa pushes for the engagement. Because of that, Tyrion begins to have respect for her (Sansa), calling her “Lady Stark”. Tyrion orders for Joffrey’s prostitutes in order to get his frustration out, away from Sansa. The plan is frustrated when Joffrey makes Ros to beat Daisy to a pulp by pointing a crossbow at her. He tells Tyrion never to interfere with him and Sansa. Tyrion is given a message by his cousin, Lancel. He quickly discovers that Lancel was sleeping with Cersei and had even killed Joffrey’s father. Lancel begs for his life, which Tyrion gives in exchange for using Lancel as a spy.

Littlefinger travels to Renly’s camp as a political envoy for the king. He tries to convince Renly that he will help him take down the Lannister reign from inside King’s Landing. Renly is tempted. Littlefinger then attempts to romance Catelyn, and tells her that Arya and Sansa will be released in exchange for Jamie or other prisoners.

King Stannis, Davos, and Melisandre appear in Renly’s camp. Stannis’s Lord of the Light conversion is criticized. Melisandre reveals that she is really pregnant; she then gives birth to a shadow creature.

Across the narrow sea Daenerys makes for the city of Qarth. She is told that the surrounding area is the “Garden of Bones” for those denied shelter in Qarth. Daenerys makes her way toward the city, and the inhabitants only let her in when she threatens them with blood and fire. 

To recap Season 2, Episode 4 ‘Garden of Bones’, Robb Stark is celebrating his victory as he plans his long term goal. Arya continues to elude the Lannisters right under Tywin Lannister’s nose. Joffrey continues to be a terrible human being. Tyrion defends Sansa and berates Joffrey, and then he later gains Lancel as a forced ally. Next, Renly’s camp is under scrutiny as visitors come knocking. Littlefinger brings Ned Stark’s remains; he even tries to exchange Lannisters for Starks. Melisandre gives birth to a shadow creature. Daenerys seems to have finally found refuge from the Red Waste because of her reputation as the Mother of Dragons.

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