Rickon Stark Character Profile

Rickon is the son of Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark. He is the fifth and the youngest son in this family. His father Eddard is the Lord of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North. The North is part of the seven kingdoms, and House Stark is among the best houses of the realm. House Stark dominates the area from their seat of Winterfall. Rickon’s father also holds the title as Lord of Winterfell. In addition to this, his father is also the warden of the north to King Baratheon. Rickon Stark is played by Art Parkinson in the HBO series.

Rickon was born and brought up at Winterfell. His two older brothers are Robb and Bran. He also has two sisters, Sansa and Arya. Moreover, he has a bastard half-brother of Jon Snow. Rickon is named after his grandfather, Rickard, who passed away eleven years ago before Rickon was born. As the TV series begins, Rickon is six years old.

Rickon’s brothers find a litter of direwolves in the woods and bring them to the Winterfall. Rickon acquires one of them and calls it Shaggydog. His father takes King Robert’s offer to become the hand of the king. Eddard moves to south capital and brings with him Arya and Sansa. Rickon’s older brother is left to take care of the Winterfall. Rickon dreams about his father in the crypts beneath Winterfall. He decides to go and see him, when he encounters with his brother Bran who also had a similar dream. Maester Luwin informs Bran that their father has been killed.

Rickon is left alone when Catelyn and Robb go to war, and as his sisters are held captive at King’s Landing. He develops a violent anger because he cannot understand why his loved ones have to die. The two brothers Bran and Rickon become Theon Greyjoy’s hostages after Theon uses force to acquire Winterfall. They are able to escape after a while. Osha runs away with Rickon; Bran is also accompanied by the others. As they proceed with the journey, they meet with Jojen Reed and his sister Meera Reed. The two siblings are members of House Reed. They have been looking for Bran and Rickon to offer them protection. The group continues their journey to the North together. As they do, both Rickon and Shaggydog become more savage and less reasonable.

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