Gregor Clegane “The Mountain”

Gregor Clegane is the head of House Clegane, which serves the Lannisters. He is a monstrously large and fearsome warrior. He is known for being cruel and freakishly strong. Gregor Clegane is known as “The Mountain” because of his size and strength. He is the older brother of Sandor Clegane, … Continue reading

Mountain and Viper are best friends

Feeling a bit traumatized after yesterday’s episode of Game of Thrones? If you’re sweating just remembering the horrific battle scene, knowing that your favorite imp’s life hangs on by just a thread, you’re not alone! Feel better by knowing that Oberyn and the Mountain are besties in real life. Well, … Continue reading

Cersei posted spoiler of Mountain vs. Red Viper’s on Instagram

It all makes sense now! Lena Headey, the actress who plays Cersei, posted this picture on Instagram on April 3. The photo, which shows her and actor Pedro Pascal (who plays Oberyn on GoT) is an instant spoiler alert for yesterday’s episode. Lena is shown grabbing Pascal’s head, just like … Continue reading