Ygritte Character Profile

Ygritte is a character in Games of Thrones, who appears in season 2, 3, and 4. Ygritte’s character plays a tremendous role in season 3 and season 4 of Game of Thrones. Ygritte’s character is however terminated in the fourth season of Game of Thrones when she falls victim to an arrow. Ygritte is played by Rose Leslie.

Ygritte is a young red haired spear wife from the Wildings community, which is led by Mance Rayder. Ygritte is with no doubt a courageous and witty woman. After being caught by Qhorin Halfhand and Jon Snow, Qhorin Halfhand demands that Jon Snow kills Ygritte. Ygritte was courageous enough to take a chance and escape the wrath of Qhorin Halfhand, just when Jon Snow hesitated a little. Unfortunately, as if it wasn’t Ygritte’s lucky day, Jon Snow caught up with her again! As if that was not enough, Ygritte tricks his captor again, in an argument and suddenly escapes through a Wildings bush, which led Jon Snow to be captured by the Wildings

Ygritte is charming and is not afraid to use her charm to get whatever she wants. When she was caught by Jon Snow after her lucky escape, nightfall approached and the two were forced to sleep in the cold since Jon Snow thought that lighting a fire would have attracted the wildings. Ygritte is seen as being charming and courageous again when she tries to make sexual moves towards his captor. Ygritte proves to be a temptation hard to resist when she blatantly undresses for Jon Snow and even teases him. To say the least, Snow could not resist Ygritte, which left her amused. Ygritte and Jon Snow become hopeless romantics based on the several passionate moments they shared regardless of the situations.

Ygritte is a loving character who proved to do anything for the man she loved. At the time when Jon Snow was required to kill an innocent man as proof that he was a Wildings, Ygritte took the shot for Jon Snow who was reluctant. Despite being loving, Ygritte does not however take betrayal lightly. She shoots Jon Snow 3 times with an arrow after he tried to escape, but she just couldn’t kill him because of the love she had for him.

Ygritte is out for blood after Jon betrayed her. The Wildings and Ygritte storm a village killing most of the residents. Ygritte, however, displays her mercy after the Wildings raid a village, she was merciful to save Gilly and her son and even cautioned them to be careful from the other Wildings.

Pressure mounts on Ygritte to kill Jon Snow again so that she could clear her tarnished name among the Wildings. Ygritte is a gifted archery, and there was no way the Wildings would believe that her arrow shots could not kill Snow. Ygritte is in love and cannot come to terms with killing Snow. Given a chance, she pointed her arrow towards Snow, but she just could not do it. Unfortunately, Olly instead took a shot at Ygritte and killed her by shooting an arrow through her heart. Ygritte finally rested in his lover’s arms who eventually burned her dead remains.

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