Tywin Lannister Character Profile

Tywin Lannister is the current lord of Casterly Rock. Tywin’s biological father was known as Tytos Lannister. Tytos Lannister spent their fortune carelessly on poor investments and he allowed himself to be disrespected by the court. People started viewing him as weak and a coward. The House Reyne vassals of castamere broke away from Lord Tytos. Tywin ended the rebellion after some time, and he brought back the respect and high esteem of the House of Lannister. Tywin Lannister is played by Charles Dance on the HBO series.

Tywin got married to his cousin Joanne Lannister. She gave birth to fraternal twins, and they were named Cersei and Jaime. She passed on after delivering Tyrion, which made Tywin blame him for it up to now. Tyrion is hated by his father and is considered ugly and a pervert. Jaime shows evidence of dyslexia but Tywin helps him to overcome the problem. The three children are often at each other’s throats. However, all of Tywin’s children love and adhere to their dad’s advice. He has two grand children called Joffrey and Tonmen.

Tywin is stoic, very intelligent, and he possesses a calculating behaviour. However, he is also cold, manipulative and has an unfettered attitude even for his family. He was only tender, nostalgic and romantic to his wife who died when giving birth to their son Tyrion. Apart from this, Tywin is the wealthiest and the most powerful man in Westeros.

Tywin is the head of the House of Lannister, Lord of Casterly Rock, Hand of the King on two events and also the Realm’s protector. He becomes the hand of the king to Aerys II Targaryen for twenty years. It comes to an end after the king declined his proposal to marry his daughter Cersei to Prince Rhaegar, and he nominates Tywin’s son Jaime as a member of kingsguard. Kingsquard’s members are not allowed to marry. Therefore, this takes away Tywin’s heir which makes him resign as he considers it as an insult.

Tyrion is charged with the attempted murder of Bran Stark and taken prisoner by Catelyn Stark. Tywin views this as an offensive act against the honour of the House of Lannister. He vows not to let the abuse go unpunished despite their mutual disagreement with his son. Tywin directs an army of sixty thousand men to the borders of Riverlands, and he meets Jaime there. He orders him to lead a half of their army and harass Riverrun, which is the childhood home of Catelyn. Tywin has fought many battles including that of the Blackwater. Due to his mistreatment of Tyrion, he ends up being killed by his son Tyrion following the former’s death sentence after being accused of committing a crime he did not commit.

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