Tansy Character Profile

Tansy is a very minor character in the Game of Thrones universe, and we do not know much about the poor girl. She is a servant of the House of Bolton and she only appears in one episode. This episode, ‘The Lion and the Rose’, features Tansy running through the woods. Myranda, being jealous of Tansy’s looks, chases her with her bow along with Ramsay Snow. Ramsay Snow releases his hounds, the bastard’s girls, and tells Tansy that if she makes her way out of the forest alive, then she wins. Reek follows behind Ramsay Snow and Myranda, trying to keep up unsuccessfully.

The viewers are taken for an emotional journey as Tansy runs. She is continually taunted by Ramsay Snow and Myranda as she flees. Tansy makes considerable progress into the forest with the dogs on her tail when Myranda shoots her leg with an arrow. Tansy immediately begins to beg for mercy, but Ramsay Snow tells her that she has become a problem. Myranda has become jealous of her and her presence; therefore, he has to take care of that. Myranda tries to put an arrow through her face to make her ‘less pretty’, but Ramsay Snow is adamant that the dogs must be rewarded. He tells the dogs to devour her.

Poor Tansy really did nothing to deserve her faith. She was only a servant that was beautiful enough to make crazy Myranda jealous. Tansy was faithful to the House of Bolton and did not do anything to warrant such a violent attack.

Tansy’s moment in the series does little to characterize her, as she is absolutely terrified and vulnerable as anyone would be. Instead, Tansy serves to characterize Myranda and Ramsay Snow to a higher degree. We see the savagery that is endowed in Myranda and Ramsay, and poor Tansy is looked over in face of the horrible show of humanity.

The fact that Tansy is used to promote other’s characterizations shows her unimportance in the series. Tansy was a pawn and an unimportant pawn at that. She was only made important by her attractiveness and innocence, which is perpetuated in her last moments. The viewers feel bad for her, but at the same time we look more toward Myranda and Ramsay Snow with more hatred than at Tansy in pity. Tansy has relatively short scenes, but the show highlights Myranda’s jealousy more when we look at Tansy.

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