Shireen Baratheon Character Profile

Stannis and Selyse Baratheon are the parents of Shireen. Stannis is the head of the House Baratheon of Dragonstone, who has pronounced himself as the King on the Iron Throne. Shireen is the only daughter of Stannis. Therefore, she is likely to be his only heir. She is of the same age as Arya Stark. Shireen was the fourth pregnancy for Selyse Baratheon, but the only child to be born healthy and alive. Shireen’s left side of the face is marked with Greyscale. She was born in an impressive mighty family. She was not born a princess even though she recently became one. After the death of Robert Baratheon, Stannis claimed that he was the rightful heir to the throne, making Shireen a princess. Shireen’s mother does not like her, and she considers Shireen to be stubborn and cursed. Shireen shares a strong bond with her father.

After Stannis ignoring his family for sometimes, he comes to pay them a visit but Selyse tries to prevent him from seeing Shireen. Selyse starts fearing for her daughter’s soul, alleging that she is stubborn, sinful and sullen. Shireen’s mother tries to hit her with a rod, but Stannis prohibits it. Shireen proceeds with her reading lessons with Ser Davos in her chambers. She becomes strict to him by telling her that he will not be a high hand of the king if he continues to see the word knight but instead utters ka-nigit. She hands him a new book, which she claims to be more complex. After some time, Davos can read the word correctly and Shireen congratulates him. Shireen and Davos are friends and care highly about each other.

Davos tells Shireen that he has been to Braavos at the time of smuggling, but he almost lost his life when he went to the first sword that was defending the ships of the Iron Bank of Braavos. He kisses Shireen on the forehead for assisting her find the solution. He also asks her to send a letter to the Iron Bank. Shirleen resists and urges him to do it instead because he will be practicing, and it is wise to do so. She continues by saying that it is very essential, and a smart person should properly write it. Davos starts to dictate a letter to Shirleen asking for members of the Iron Bank of Bravos to shift their support from Lannisters to her father. They addressed the letter as if Stannis wrote it. Shireen goes with Stannis to the North where he is attempting to defend the Night’s Watch against the wildlings and the White Walkers. Shireen and her mother are both present in the Catle Black at the funeral of Watch’s fallen brothers.

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