Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 5 Guide

Episode 5: Kill the Boy

As Episode 5 of Season 5 begins, we find Daenerys struggling to find a way to move forward after the death of Ser Barristan Selmy. She takes the leaders of each great family, including her advisor, Hizdahr, captive and feeds one to her dragons. She threatens to kill the others another day. Melisandre watches over Grey Worm’s bedside until he awakes. Opening regaining consciousness, Grey Worm admits his feelings for Melisandre and the two kiss. When Melisandre returns to Dany’s chamber, the queen requests advice. Melisandre encourages Dany to make her own path and ignore the advice of Daario and the former cautiousness of Ser Barristan. She then visits Hizdahr, who begs her for his life. She tells him that she will do what he has asked by reopening the fighting pits. She will also appeal to the city’s love of tradition by marrying one of the leaders of the great families — specifically, the one on his knees before her.

At the Wall, Jon comes to a conclusion about how to save the realm from the White Walkers. He visits Tormund Giantsbane and asks him to bring the wildings south of the Wall. In return for any able-bodied wildlings fighting for the Wall, he will swear to protect the old, young, weak and injured. Although this re-earns Tormund’s respect, the rest of the Watch does not find this solution particularly appealing. Meanwhile, Samwell continues to try to discover why the dragonglass blade killed a White Walker. Stannis comes to him to discuss his killing, although with little result. Samwell tells Gilly about the citadel, where maesters are trained, and confesses his childhood wish to become one. Stannis leaves the Wall to march to Winterfell.

In Winterfell, Brienne continues to attempt to find a way to protect Sansa. She manages to get a message to her, telling her to light a candle in the broken tower if she is ever in trouble. The irony of that tower being Sansa’ potential saviour when it was the site that Bran was pushed and all of the Stark’s family troubles began is palpable. Myranda struggles with her jealousy over Ramsay’s impending nuptials. To make trouble, she tells Sansa about Theon’s presence in the castle. At a very tense dinner, Ramsay forces Theon to apologize for killing her brothers. Of course, we viewers know that Theon did not actually kill Bran and Rickon, but Sansa has no idea. Roose Bolton announces that his wife is pregnant, threatening Ramsay’s new status as a Bolton rather than a bastard. Roose uses this threat to ensure Ramsay’s loyalty as Stannis approaches.

In the East, Tyrion and Jorah go through the waters of Valyria on their way to Daenerys. As they pass through, Drogo flies overhead — a shocking sight for Tyrion. Immediately after the dragon passes, a Stone Man (a sufferer of greyscale) drops into their boat. Tyrion and Jorah must avoid being touched by them as to not contract the disease. Jorah, surprisingly, rescues Tyrion when he falls into the water with his hands tied. The episode ends by revealing a small patch of scales on Jorah — he has contracted greyscale.

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