Season 5 Episode 5 predictions

Episode 5 of Season 5 of Game of Thrones is entitled “Kill the Boy.” To Game of Thrones viewers without a knowledge of the books, this title seems slightly more ominous. The title refers to a quote from the books. Maester Aemon, knowing that Jon Snow is struggling to be the Lord Commander, tells him to “kill the boy and let the man be born.” Although it is almost certain that, yes, a boy will be killed in Game of Thrones, this instance is one of the few that does not mean certain death. Instead, Jon is struggling to find a way to man the Night’s Watch and keep his oath to the men there. Will he turn to an unorthodox solution as Stannis heads south? Without Stannis’s army, Jon has only 50 men to protect the Wall and the kingdom from the White Walkers. He won’t even have Melisandre’s helpful, if terrifying, abilities to see into the future. He may have to make a deal with the wildlings to help protect them and the people of Westeros together.

Check out the preview for Episode 5, “Kill the Boy,” here.

As Stannis heads to Winterfell, Sansa struggles to find her place there. Ramsay Snow is hardly a welcoming bridegroom, although he may at least be more upfront about his sadism than Joffrey was. Sansa and Theon will have to band together if they are to survive Winterfell and Ramsay. Brienne is now aware of Sansa’s promise to wed Ramsay, and she will continue to attempt to hold up her own oath to Lady Catelyn. Many forces are converging upon Winterfell and something dramatic promises to happen when Stannis and Brienne arrive. Certain fans speculate that, in a serious departure from the source material, Brienne will kill Stannis. This does, however, seem unlikely.

In the East, Daenerys must contend with her loss of Barristan Selmy. He was perhaps the only person on her council with pure and true aims. Daenerys must learn how to govern without him. She will not be able to balance her own desires with the needs of her people forever. She may have to make a decision she has railed against in the past — reopening the fighting pits. Meanwhile, Tyrion and Jorah approach Meereen, even seeing Drogo fly over the mountains.

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