Game of Thrones Season 3 Episode 4 Guide

Episode 4 Recap: And Now His Watch Is Ended

“And Now His Watch Is Ended” begins with Jamie and Brienne of Tarth. Jamie Lannister is suffering heavily from his wound as he and Brienne of Tarth are taken away on horseback. Jamie Lannister is finally given water after nearly dying of thirst and much taunting from his captor, Locke. Lannister loses the will to live without his right hand. He says that he was his hand, and without his sword fighting hand he feels useless. Lannister refuses to eat so that he will die. Brienne calls him weak and a woman to try to force him out of his misery. She says that he must pick himself up and asks him why he helped keep the men off of her. He does not answer her.

Back in King’s Landing Tyrion sees Varys working on a giant wooden crate and asks him who ordered Ser Moore to kill Tyrion during the Battle of Blackwater. Varys tells him that he cannot confirm anything, but the rumors point to Cersei. Varys also tells him that he was castrated by a sorcerer who left him to die. This reveals why Varys distrusts magic and those that bow to the Red Priestess. Varys finally opens the crate to reveal the sorcerer that castrated him and then closes the crate. He then tells Tyrion to be patient.

The scene then shifts to Joffery and Margaery. He is giving her a tour of the Great Sept of Baelor, which is to be the setting of their wedding. Olenna follows them along with Cersei and Cersei soon realizes that she has less control over Joffery than she thought.

Varys visits Littlefinger’s brothel to discover what the man has been up to lately. He is in contact with Ros, who tells him about Littlefinger’s doings. She tells Varys that he has booked two beds on a ship to the Vale. Varys realizes that Littlefinger is planning on smuggling Sansa Stark out of the city.

Tywin discusses who is next in line for the seat of Casterly Rock. He says that he will never let Tyrion rule even though he is technically next in line. Cersei then tells Tywin how she has always upheld the legacy of the family, and he sneers at her. He tells her that he does not exclude her from his plans because she is a woman, but because she is not as intelligent as she thinks that she is. Tywin then says he is glad for the presence of Margaery Tyrell, who is much more adept at manipulating Joffrey than Cersei ever was.

Meanwhile, in the North, Bran Stark is in the middle of a shared dream. He is sharing the dream with Jojen and they are looking for the three eyes raven. Bran then ends up falling out of a tree after breaking his promise to Catelyn when she told him not to climb ever again.

Beyond the wall, Crasotr sacrifices his newborn to the White Walkers. Samwell consoles Gilly who thinks that her son is next. She protects her son fiercely as Craster suggests that they kill all of the wounded to keep the group strong. One of the brothers attempts to kill Crastor. This devolves into madness that ends with the Lord Commander Mormont being killed. Samwell and Gilly run away from the other members of the Night’s Watch.

Across the Narrow Sea, Daenerys brings Drogon to the slaver as payment for the Unsullied. He gives her Missandei, the scribe and translator, as a gift with her purchase. When Daenerys is handed a whip that signifies her ownership of the Unsullied, she tests the slaves, speaking to them in Valyrian. The slaver becomes upset that Drogon will not follow his orders and Daenerys tells him that dragons are not slaves. She then tells Drogon to flame, burning the slaver to death. She frees the slaves and asks them to help her free the rest of the slaves in the city. They agree to follow her.

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