Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 9 Guide

Episode 9 Recap: Blackwater

In Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 9 ‘Blackwater, the recap commences where Tyrion leads his people in defending King’s Landing against King Stannis at the battle at the Blackwater. The previous night, Tyrion spent the night with Shae and tells her that she can still leave the city. After that, Tyrion tells Varys to offer him with the map to the tunnel beneath the city. As he gives Tyrion the map, Varys reminds Tyrion that he is all that stands between King’s Landing and a win or defeat of the battle. Bronn shares a drink with the Lannister and in the process has a confrontation with the Hound.

Stannis, on the other hand, is planning a naval attack that aims at overcoming the small defensive fleet of the city. He then plans on landing at the walls of the city, at a place near the Mud Gate. Tyrion orders Sandor to direct the sortie at a place beyond the Mud Gate to resist the attack by Stannis Soldiers. Even though Sandor obeys the commands as directed by Tyrion, he is afraid of the fires and the breakdowns of the city. Ser Lancel Lannister accompanies Sandor, but he is wounded by a sword. Bronn comes into play and joins the fight just at the right time to save the life of the Hound. There is a retreat after half of the Hound’s soldiers have been lost. The Hound refuses to continue to fight under these circumstances. He insults Joffrey and Tyrion and then walks away from his Kingsguard.

Queen Cersei provides protection to women of the court in the Holdfast of Maegor. The queen had obtained the Essence of Nightshade from Grand Maester Pycelle. She intends to give this poison to the women in the chamber should Stannis win. She would rather die than suffer the humiliation promised.

The queen drinks heavily during the attack and in the process, she torments Sansa with predictions of what may befall the women in case the defense fails. She also questions Shae. Lancel comes to tell the queen that Stannis has reached the wall. Cersei then sends Lancel to go and tell Joffrey to come back to the Red Keep, even though, this may reduce morale. Lancel tries telling Cersei that they may be defeated if Joffrey returns to the Keep. Lancel insists on his point of view, but Cersei has nothing to hear from him, and instead pushes Lancel out of her way and storms out. With the departure of the Queen, Sansa tries keeping up with the morale of other women, where she leads them in singing a hymn. Cersei, the queen, has taken Tommen to the throne and sits with him on the Iron Throne. She then tells Tommen a story of a young lion, and how the lion didn’t have to be afraid of the other beasts within the forest, such as the stag and the beast.

Shae tells Sansa to go to her chambers and lock herself in, and to not come out. Sansa finds the Hound waiting for her inside her room. Survivors of the battle flee into their ships and the guards drag Stannis out of the battle. The battle ends in favor of the crown, and in the process, Tyrion collapses.

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