Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 8 Guide

Episode 8 Recap: The Prince of Winterfell

The recap of episode eight of Game of Thrones season two begins when Theon expects reinforcements when Yara Greyjoy arrives. However, she only offers him advice. She tells him that Winterfell is far away from the sea, and thus they cannot defend it with few soldiers at disposal. She also says that the north is rising against Theon. For that reason, she proposes that Theon is to leave and go back with her, but he refuses. Luwin and Osha speak about the Farm where she doubled back, and disguised herself from the hounds by using a stream scent. Luwin urges Osha not to tell either Rickon or Bran about the children that Theon had killed earlier. However, while speaking to Osha, Luwin doesn’t realize that Bran is listening to them.

The fleet of Stannis is closing in on the King’s Landing in the Game of Thrones ‘The Prince of Winterfell’ episode. Here, Stannis promises Davos the Hand of the King once they are done taking back his throne. He tells Davos how much he admires him and that he respects Davos. On the other hand, Tyrion is looking for books that can give him inspiration in terms of plans that can helps him defend the city. Instead, he takes advice from Varys and Bronn, where he decided to use stocks of wildfire. Joffrey is filled with so much bravado, although his mother is worried about him going to the fight. Cersei kidnaps Ros to ensure Joffrey’s safety. She believes Ros is Tyrion’s lover and this will force Tyrion to watch after his nephew. Tyrion is happy to discover that Shae, his true lover, has not been kidnapped but vows vengeance against his sister nonetheless.

Tywin finds himself in a quandary, on whether to defend King’s Landing, or should he wait and escort Robb Stark from Westerlands. Tywin decides to march west and leaves behind Arya to serve Ser Gregor. Arya realizes that she has missed the opportunity to kill Tywin. Therefore, she tries to pressure Jaqen into helping her escape from Harrenhal, where she has been left. Jaqen assists Ayra, Gendry and Hot Pie to escape, which takes place at night via the gates, where the guards had been killed.

Robb becomes infuriated after he learns that his mother, Catelyn, has freed his captive, Ser Jaime Lannister. He orders that she be kept under guard because he believes that she had betrayed him. In a while, Catelyn sends Brienne to escort Jaime so that they exchange him for her daughters Arya and Sansa. Brienne makes use of a canoe so that she wouldn’t be followed. Robb plans to turn Theon’s soldiers t turn against him by making an offer to the bastard son of Dreadfort. The offer is made through Roose. The Recap of Game of Thrones Season 2, Episode 8, ends as Robb seeks some solace with Lady Talisa, completely ignoring his betrothal to the daughter of House Frey.

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