Game of Thrones Season 2 Episode 7 Guide

Episode 7 Recap: A Man Without Honor

Game of Thrones season 2, episode 7 ‘A Man Without Honor, opens up at the Winterfell, where Theon awakes to realize that Osha has escaped with Bran Stark, Hodor, and Rickon, along with their direwolves. Theon blames Lorren for letting Osha leave, but Lorren counters by putting the blame on Theon for having slept with Osha and in the process letting down the guards. Then gets angry and beats Lorren. After that, Theon leaves in search for the boys, where the hunt leads him to farm by a certain Shepherd. Unluckily, the Shepherd hasn’t seen the escapees. Dagmer stumbles upon walnuts, thus indicating that Rickon and Bran must have been at the farm. However, the Hounds are unable to get a smell of them. Theon announces that the search is over and they return to Winterfell, with two bodies burned beyond recognition and hoists the bodies on either sides of the gate.

At Harrenhal, Tywin discusses with Ser Gregor the assassination of Amory Lorch. Even though Tywin thinks that the assassination was initially meant to be him, this is wrong. Instead, Jaqen killed Lorch under requests from Arya. As a retribution for the assassination attempt, Tywin orders Gregor to burn farms and villages. Later on, Tywin starts doubting whether Arya is a commoner because she cannot pronounce M’Lord in the same way as commoners, and instead pronounces it as My Lord. Arya finds an excuse and explains that her mother taught her eloquence.

On the other side in King’s Landing in Game of Thrones S2, E7, Sansa thanks Sandor for saving her life during the city riots, and in the process Sansa tells Sandor that it was brave of him to help her. Sandor replies by saying that dogs do not need to be courageous when fighting off rats. Even though the speech perturbs Sansa, Sandor claims that his speech is what stands between him and the King. Sansa is afraid of being brought before King Joffrey, and instead she is taken before Queen Regent, who tries comforting her, but in the most awkward way possible. The queen offers Sansa with distorted advice on Joffrey based on her acrimonious marriage to King Robert. The Queen waves away the torments that her son puts on Sansa. She also bursts out that her brother was always by her side when she was giving birth to Joffrey, and that Sansa shouldn’t expect such devotion. Cersei also affirms and believes that the lack of love between Joffrey and Sansa is a great thing. She tells Sansa that the fewer people she loves, the better since loving more people would make her weaker. Cersei goes on to privately meet Tyrion, and really regrets having children with her own brother, Jaime. In fact, she wonders if the rage in Joffrey is because of her sin with Jaime. Tyrion notes that her other children, Tommen and Myrcella, are not monsters.

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