Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 9 Guide

Episode 9 Recap: Baelor

“Baelor” is screened as Episode 9 of Game of Thrones Season 1 and played out partly in The Twins, where Theon and Robb are trying to find a way to cross the Trident River. Ned’s honor does nothing to save his life, and Jaime, is captured in war despite being the more successful fighter according to their father, Tywin. Like any Game of Thrones episode, it gets complicated so you should check out our recap of episode 9.

Meanwhile, in the dungeon, Ned receives a visitor, Varys, who informs him that Sansa is pleading for his life. Varys claims that he could free Ned, but he would rather be uninvolved. He tells Ned a story of how as a boy he travelled with a group of actors that taught him that each man has their own role to play. His role here is the Master of the Whispers. He also updates him about the progress of Robb’s awaited freedom fight. Vary enquired about Ned’s daughters’ welfare.

At the Twins, Robb’s suggestion to go alone and request that Lord Walder let them cross doesn’t seem plausible. Catelyn volunteers to go in as she is sure the Lord wouldn’t kill her since she grew up around him. Inside, Lord Walder is not paying any pleasantries to Catelyn, even when his son asks him to be nice, but is more involved in fondling a girl as young as his granddaughters. He is not pleased that the Tully Family has not entered into marriage with any of his family members. It’s snowing on the Wall, and we see Lord Mormont giving Jon a sword made of Valyrian steel as thanks for saving the commander’s life. The sword, Longclaw, was meant for Jorah Mormont before his exile to Essos. In the hall, Samwell has read about Robb going to war and is depressed. We also learn that Maester Aemon is Aemon Targaryen, uncle to the Mad King Aerys.

Catelyn has managed to buy the Stark army a crossing. They will be allowed to cross but in return Lord Frey’s son be made a squire and later a knight and Robb must marry one of his daughters among other requests. Arya is also asked to marry one of the Freys.

Across the narrow sea, Drogo is in a serious state as his wound festers, and the witch that Dany rescued wants to perform surgery on Drogo. As this is happening, Dany goes into labour. In the Lannister Tent, Lord Tyrion is not amused at all after a meeting with his father, where Tywin makes an order for his son to lead the war. His father never liked him, and favored Jaime, his elder son. Tyrion’s men are defeated, and he is captured by the Starks. At King’s Landing, Ned’s head is chopped off. Though Ned put honor and family before everything else but still he gets killed, marking one of the sad moments in Episode 9.

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