Game of Thrones Season 1 Episode 2 Guide

Episode 2 Recap: The King’s Road

In season one episode two of Game of Thrones, The Kingsroad, we find Tyron Lannister and Jon Snow leaving Winterfell for the Wall. While on the way, Jon Snow discovers some ideas of the night watch may not resemble the reality. Eddard and his daughters leave Winterfell for the Kings’ Landing, but things on Kingsroad threaten to drive a wedge between King Robert and Eddard.

Episode two shows the Dothraki Khalasar being led by Khal Drogo leave Pentos and move towards the East. Ser Jorah talks to Viserys and informs him that he offended King Robert by selling poachers into slavery.

Daenerys seeks some advice from Doreah, her handmaid. Doreah was a bedslave and Daenerys had an unpleasant first sexual experience. Doreah tells Daenerys that she should use her bed skills in Khal Drogo so that Khal Drogo can respect her. Doreah also reminds Daenerys that she is not a sex slave and can do what she wants.

The next scene of The King’s Road S1 E2 takes place at Winterfell where Bran Stark lies down severely wounded and unconscious with his mother by his side. Tyrion Lannister tells Joffrey to pay respect to Lady and Lord Bran Stark because his absence had been noted but Joffrey refuses. Tyrion Lannister slaps Joffrey repeatedly then goes to take breakfast with some of his family members.

Jon and Tyrion then start their journey to the wall. Robert Stark bid farewell to Jon Snow. Jon Snow then gives his sister, Arya, a sword, and tells her on how to use it. Arya was to stick the enemies using the pointy end. Jon Snow goes further to inform her to practice every chance she gets. They all say goodbye to Bran though he is left ill. Bran is left with his direwolf, Rickon and Catelyn. Catelyn leaves her woven seven-pointed star that is filled with the representations of the seven gods on the wall of Bran.

The royal party then gets to a place called Crossroads Inn, a way stop at Kingsroad. Arya has made friends with a butcher’s boy, Mycah. Sansa and Joffrey come across the pair practicing swordplay. Joffrey takes this as a chance for some violence. Nymeria, Arya’s wolf, attempts to protect Arya by biting Joffrey. In the aftermath, Arya’s friend is killed by the Hound and Nymeria is forced to run away. As a punishment, Robert asks Ned to kill the direwolf. Nymeria is nowhere to be found, so they kill Sansa’s direwolf, Lady, instead.

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