Sansa Stark Character Profile

Sansa Stark is the daughter of Catelyn and Lord Eddard Stark. She is the eldest daughter and the second child in that family. Eddard is the leader of House Stark and Lord Paramount of the North. The House Stark heads the area from their seat of Winterfall. Sansa is kind and ladylike. She loves the songs of the chivalrous past and believes that knights are perfect. Sansa Stark is played by Sophie Turner in the HBO series.

Sansa was born and grew up at Winterfell. Her siblings include her older brother, Robb, two younger brothers, Bran and Rickon, a younger sister, Arya and a half brother, Jon, who is a bastard. Sansa’s hobbies are ladylike, and she is proficient in sewing, embroidering, poetry and music. Her dreams admit being a regal queen as Cersei Lannister. Her mother is confident that she will be prettier than she was during her early childhood.

Sansa’s brothers encounter a litter of dire wolf pups which is an orphan. Sansa adopts one and calls her Lady. King Robert Baratheon pays a visit to Winterfall to offer her father a position of Hand of the King and also plans to engage Joffrey his son to Sansa. Sansa is very excited about this. Eddard agrees to travel with his daughters to the capital. As the Starks travel, there is a growing hatred between Arya and Sansa. Days are going by, and a lot of events are taking place Sansa is captured by Sandor and is taken to Cersei. She witnesses her father being killed after pleading for his release. She also watches the removal of the singer Marillion’s tongue who composed a song that did not favour the royal family.

Sansa remains a prisoner of Queen Regent Cersei Lannister in King’s Landing. She learns to fake loyalty towards King Joffrey Baratheon to prevent more abuse from him. Joffrey plans the beating and stripping of Sansa after the winning of crushing victory of his brother Robb Stark. Tyrion Lannister comes for Sansa’s rescue and he offers to end her engagement to Joffrey, but she continues pretending to be loyal to him. Tyrion and Sansa get married later. Sansa receives the sad news about the death of her mother and brother on the Red Wedding, which was arranged by Tyrion’s father.

Sansa remains sad over the news despite the encouragement from Shae. She refuses to eat anything. Sansa and Dontos escape after the death of Joffrey, which was organized by Petyr. In addition, Petyr also kills Dontos in order for him to remain silent. Her painful experience has taught her to lie and be ruthless for survival. She is now free from Joffrey and Cersei’s guards, and is starting to mature on her own. Of course, Petyr is not necessarily to be trusted either.

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