Sansa and Dunk and Egg parallels Game of Thrones Theory

Poor Sansa has been tossed around, imprisoned, and taken on an emotional rollercoaster. Her story is often followed with quite a bit of interest and sympathy, and some readers and viewers have cooked up a theory about her love interests and her endgame.
Dunk and Egg is a folktale told in Westeroes. Very skillful and careful readers were sure to note that the maiden in the Dunk and Egg story has quite a few characteristics that are similar to Sansa. So far, the sequence of Sansa’s love interests, if we can call Joffrey that at all, follows the fair maid’s sequence. First, Lyonel Baratheon in the Dunk and Egg story can be seen as the counterpart to Joffrey. Then Leo Tyrell, who could be the counterpart to Loras, then Tybolt Lannister or Tyrion Lannister. After that, then Humphrey Hardyng, who is one of Petyr Baelish’s ancestors. The final option of fair maid’s lovers is Valarr Targaryen. This caused an eruption in fan theories that Sansa will end up with a Targaryen.

While this seems impossible at the moment, because Sansa is married to Tyrion Lannister and is nowhere near any Targaryen, anything can happen in Game of Thrones. Since Sansa is, in all technicalities, still a prisoner, she could escape eventually and run into one of the Targaryens. Some may argue that this means that the lovely Sansa will end up marrying Aegon, also known as Young Griff. Honestly, with this theory any Targaryen is open for Sansa; however, getting her to meet one of them is the difficult part.

For this theory to work we must assume that Sansa will not remain with Tyrion Lannister forever, so once those two break apart, then this theory will really gain ground. After all, it is a bit difficult to end up married to another when you are already married. Perhaps they will break up; perhaps Tyrion Lannister will die.

Hopefully, as the story progresses there will be some happenstance that causes Sansa to have a chance meeting or arranged marriage with a Targaryen, but until that happens most of this is speculation. If the Dunk and Egg folktale is in fact how Sansa’s love story will progress, then this is an amazing bit of foreshadowing hidden within the plot. There is always amazing writing in both the television program as well as the book, so this detail is definitely a possibility worth speculating.

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