Samwell Tarly Character Profile

Samwell Tarly is the oldest son and the former heir of Randyll Tarlyl. The house of Tarly is among the powerful noble families in the rich and sworn to House Tyrell. Samwell Tarly is played by John Bradley on the HBO series.

Samwell Tarly should have grown up and become the top ranked lords of the Seven Kingdoms. However, his father is among the most skilled military personnel in Westeros. His father, a military commander, hoped that his son will carry the leadership of his House Tarly in battle. Moreover, that not someone who is overweight in terms of scholarly minded like his son Sam who is not interested in violence.

He was forced by the father to take the black under threat of death in order to disinherit him. If Sam refused to join the Night’s Watch, his father bluntly said to him that he would organize for a hunting trip with his son to the woods. He then will kill his son, Sam in such a way that it seemed like an accident. Sam therefore left on the wall and left his younger brother as the heir to House Tarly.

Samwell Tarly gets at Castle Black where he meets Jon Snow and they become friends. Samwell tells Jon his story and Jon Snow gets afraid since his fellow recruits were undermining him. He talked to Maester Aemon to allow Tarly join the Stewart. To the far north is the Great Ranging where Sam enters and is made the one be in charge of the Ravens. He then meets Gilly, who befriends him at Craster’s Keep.

The Others later attack the watch camp and Samwell informs those who are there to escape. He is left with Grenn and Paul, who help him. Pau is killed by an Other. Gilly then gives birth to a baby boy at Craster’s Keep. War erupts shortly afterward, and Craster and Momont are killed. However, before Momont dies, he gives Samwell his dying wish, that Jorah, Mormont’s son, should join the Watch. Gilly and Sam then run away with the baby boy.

Samwell Tarly convinces Ser Denys Mallister and Pyk that Jon Snow should be supported by them in the coming elections because he is a compromise candidate. Later Maester Aemon becomes ill, and the illness worsens. He then dies during the voyage even after the struggle of looking for money to take him to Oldtown. Gilly then becomes Samwell’s lover as they were mourning his death. Gilly names the child after Maester Aemon. Samwell’s intelligence and kindness have made him very valuable to Jon Snow and the Night’s Watch.

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