Robert’s Rebellion Game of Thrones Theory

Robert’s rebellion was one of the biggest civil wars in the vast house of Westeros. Robert’s rebellion began just after Lord Rickard Stark, and Brandon Stark were executed by the mad King Aerys which resulted in the raid of House Targaryen and the death of most of its members. After the conclusion of Robert’s Rebellion, House Baratheon became the new royal house.

The king of the seven kingdoms was called Aerys Targaryen, and he was the final member of the House of Targaryen to sit on the iron throne. His reign was unpredictable and variable, and thus he was nicknamed the Mad King. With his reign, the tension between the House of Targaryen rose to considerable levels. His son Prince Rhaegar kidnapped Lyanna Stark of Winterfell, and this led to the final round of blood-letting.

Lyanna, daughter of Rickard Stark, was a very famous noblewoman. She was to get married to Robert Baratheon, who was the Lord Paramount of the Stormlands before Lyanna was kidnapped. Baratheon began to protest against Aerys demanding for justice. Aerys had Baratheon arrested and charged him with treason. He then offered to ransom him to Rickard, his father. Rickard was summoned by Aerys and once he arrived he killed both the father and the son. This brutal murder of both father and son elicited much sympathy from the rebels, and more houses joined in their cause.

Jon Arryn was a respected nobleman and was already known to be a supporter of the rebels and a Defender of the Vale. Both Eddard Stark, Rickard’s second son, and Robert became close friends and so when Aerys commanded that Eddard be to the King’s justice, Lord Jon became insurgent, calling his people to war. The rebels forged a coalition with House Tully through marriage, which saw Eddard married to Catelyn Tully and Jon to Lysa Tully

Stannis Baratheon was a supporter of his brother Robert during the Robert Rebellion. Aerys used his cronies in House Tyrell to surround Stannis at Storm’s End for the better part of Robert’s Rebellion. Stannis’s force was saved from starving by a smuggler called Davos Seaworth, who brought with him a ship full of onions to the castle. Prince Rhaegar was killed during Robert’s rebellion the Battle of the Trident. Robert veered Rhaegar personally. The site where he was murdered is now known as the Ruby Ford because it is alleged to be with the rubies from his armor.

Rhaegar’s wife Elia of House Martell was put in the house King’s Landing by Aerys to ensure that the Martell remain loyal to him in the course of Robert’s Rebellion. Aerys was finally killed by Ser Jaime; his kings guard after being betrayed by his allies. His final words were ‘burn them all.’

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