Robert Baratheon Character Profile

Robert Baratheon is the King of the Seven Kingdoms after taking the throne from Aerys Targaryen. He is also the head of the House of Baratheon. Robert started the war to win back the woman he was betrothed to, Lyanna Stark. Lyanna eventually died and Robert married Cersei Lannister for political reasons. In his youth, he was known for his good looks, great voice and skills on the battlefield. However, after gaining the crown, he grew fat as a result of overindulging in drinking and feasting, and let his beard grow out to hide the multiple chins he had. He still remains an avid hunter and favors a blade given to him by Lord Jon Arryn. Robert Baratheon is played by Mark Addy.

He has a charming, outgoing personality. He is also known for his womanizing ways, and often siring bastard children across the kingdom. His lust has inspired many songs about him from his subjects.

Robert Baratheon was the first born child of Lord Steffon Baratheon and Lady Cassana. He is the older brother of Stannis and Renly Baratheon. While young, he and his siblings witnessed the death of their parents caused by a shipwreck. As a result, he became the Lord of Storm’s End. Lord Robert and his siblings were taken to the Eyrie in the Vale of Arryn to live with Jon Arryn who adopted them as his own.

Later, Lord Rickard Stark, Eddard Stark’s father, promised his daughter Lyanna to Robert in marriage. During that time, Robert had already sired a bastard daughter which led Lyanna to believe that Robert would never remain faithful to one woman. Shortly after, Lyanna was kidnapped by Crown Prince Rhaegar Targaryen.

Lyanna’s kidnapping caused her father and brother Brandon to go to King’s Landing to demand justice. Instead, the Mad King, Aery II Targaryen, executed them both and demanded that Robert and Eddard be brought to him as well. Robert raised an army in rebellion and took the throne from the Mad King. Robert’s hatred for Rhaegar led to him killing him, and also killing his children and wife, an act that Eddard Stark found barbaric. This led to a bitter parting between the two.

With both Rhaegar and the Mad King dead, the Lords of the Seven Kingdoms swore featly to Robert. Although he has numerous bastards, he officially recognized only three children born through his marriage to Cersei Lannister. He does not know that they are not his children and are Jamie’s and Cersei’s instead. He is killed after Cersei arranges for him to become drunk leading to an accident while he was out hunting.

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