Rhaella Targaryen Character Profile

Rhaella Targaryen was the daughter to the King Aegon V Targaryen. She was the sister wife of King Aerys II Targaryen. Rhaella and Aerys gave birth to three children. Rhaegar, Daenerys, and Viserys. Rhaella Targaryen has not appeared in the HBO series.

She was never happy about the fact that she got married to her brother Aerys. It was so unfortunate when Aerys, her brother raped her and when Jaime Lannister was the guard by then at the door, and he was not supposed to do anything. The Kingsguard refused to allow Jaime to come to her aid.

After Rhaegar had died in the battle of the trident, Prince Viserys and Rhaella went to Targaryen’s ancestral seat of Dragonstone. Aerys perished in the sack of King’s Landing whereas Rhaella died as she was giving birth to Daenerys. This happened during a high storm. After she died, her children were carried by loyalists across the Marrow Sea to live in exile.

Rhaella Targaryen fell in love with the knight who came from the Stormlands. By this time Rhaella was a youth, and this night was still young. He named Rhaella, the queen of beauty and love. This was a hopeless love since a knight could not fit for a princess in the royal blood. The Knight could be heard by everyone saying that only the Maiden could have replaced Queen Rhaella in his heart.

Their children also ended up marrying themselves, but it was not of love. So it happened that they became abusive and violent in the end. Rhaella Targaryen was never with Aerys except for Aerys having someone who is being burnt to death. He would have the highest temper and get to Rhaella and make love to her the most brutal way. Jaime got terrified of the kind of voices that were coming out from the Rhaella’s room.

Rhaella was a good mother to Viserys and Rhaegar. Viserys used to tell Daenerys stories about their mother and told her that the stories she heard from others about Aerys being the Mad King were not true. They talked about their father too, and they seemed not to do know what their father used to be like while they were young.

Visery had a love for his mother and has always blamed Daenerys for having killed her at childbirth. He has tried to reduce this anger but while still in exile, he became even bitterer. He was forced to sell the mother’s crown to buy food and Daenerys remember the joy that was left in Viserys had gone after that day.

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