Jojen Reed Character Profile

Jojen Reed is the heir of Lord Howland Reed from Greywater Watch. He is the younger brother of Meera Reed. After the fall of Winterfell, he appears to Bran, first in a dream, then in reality. He informs Bran that he and his sister have been looking for him for ages. He also tells him that they are there to protect him. Bran and Jojen take an instant liking to each other and the latter teaches Bran on how to master his powers as a Warg. Jojen is said to have the gift of Greensight (prophesy). He talks of the three-eyed raven in his visions, surprising Bran, who has also had numerous visions of the strange bird.

Later, Jojen has a vision of Jon Snow, Bran’s brother, surrounded by enemies. He insists to Bran that they must travel to beyond the Wall. Along the way, while seeking shelter from a rainstorm, they notice a group of wildlings seemingly chase down an old man. The thunder disturbs Hodor who then starts making noise. Jojen pleads with Bran to control Hodor using his Warg powers. Bran then using his powers to subdue Hodor. Bran is also able to warg through his and his brother’s pet dogs, Summer and Shaggydog and kill some of the wildlings. It is during this time that he sees his brother Jon Snow.

After parting ways with Rickon and Osha, Bran becomes increasingly obsessed with warging through Summer. Jojen then points out to Bran the dangers of excessive warging. He says that it would be a danger if Bran were to become trapped by his powers.

After crossing the wall, they come across the three-eyed raven and the white tree from their visions. While nearing the tree, they are ambushed by wights, and Jojen is fatally stabbed by one of them. He is at peace with it because he had already had visions of how he would die. Distraught, Meera mercifully slits his throat. The remaining group encounter a child of the forest who then burns Jojen’s body using magic. This is meant to prevent him from reanimating as a wight.

Jojen is short and slender boy who has barely reached adolescence but commands a presence and wisdom that surpasses his age by far. Jojen is mysterious, often knowing things that other people do not, as a result of his visions. While he was a child, he nearly died from greywater fever. On his deathbed, he was visited by the three-eyed raven which gave him the gift of prophesy.

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