Grey Worm unmasked as Raleigh Ritchie, UK R&B Artist

We recently discovered that Grey Worm actor and singer Raleigh Ritchie are the same person! Few know that the actor who plays the young Unsullied captain, Jacob Anderson, also has a successful singing career. He started portraying Grey Worm in the third season.

Jacob also goes by his alter ego name, Raleigh Ritchie. His music is fluid and smooth with a soulful R&B style. He’s said before that fans rarely make the connection between his HBO Game of Thrones character and his stage personality. He’s been quoted saying, “”I haven’t had a show where someone is shouting ‘Grey Worm!’ at me or anything. Not yet.”

Haven’t heard one of Ritchie’s songs? Check out one of Raleigh Ritchie’s music videos below for his song “Bloodsport”. Who knew Grey Worm had so many talents?

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