Euron Greyjoy Character Profile

Euron Greyjoy, who also goes by the name ‘Crow’s Eye, ‘ is a handsome young man with a dark beard. He was nicknamed ‘Crow’s Eye’ because of keeping his eye covered with a patch due to his black shining eye. His right eye is often called his ‘smiling eye’ since it is as blue as the summer sky. On top of that, his lips are a pale blue, due to his tendency to drink shade of the evening. Euron is a very unpredictable man who is well known for his love of playing brutal mind games and waging psychological wars with the people who were around him. He is a very experienced warrior and ruthless, shrewd, cunning and an evil manipulator.

When the Greyjoy Rebellion began, it was Euron who came up with the plan to sail to Lannisport and burn down the Lannister fleet at anchor. Led by his brother, Victarion Greyjoy, the iron fleet followed up the plan successfully managed to destroy the Westerland’s naval force. Shortly after this, Euron was sent away from the Iron Islands as a punishment by Lord Balon Greyjoy and ordered not to come back while Balon was alive. This was after he had seduced and raped Victarion’s salt wife.

In view of Euron’s banishment, the Silence has sailed, plundered, and ransacked all over the known world. Euron asserted to have made a trip to Asshai, the Smoking Sea, and even to have walked the smoking ruins of Valyria. Euron also claimed to have owned a dragon egg once that he supposedly threw into the sea when he was in one of his foul moods.
During the Kings moot at Old Wyk, called by Aeron to decide on the next king of the Iron Islands. Euron guarantees to overpower all of Westeros for the Iron born using dragons, which he asserts that he can make do his will using the dragon horn. And even though Aeron sees Euron as a godless man, he still has him elected king, ousting out the other contenders who include his niece, Asha and brother Victarion.

Euron then begins the raids upon the Reach, and they turn up to be very successful. Euron weakens the possible rivals by handing out lands and titles to many of their major followers.

Afterwards, Euron sends out Victarion and the iron fleet to go and find Daenerys Targaryen and court her for him and then bring her and her dragons to Westeros. Euron then also gives Victarion the dragon horn so that he can go with it to Meereen.

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