Edmure Tully Character Profile

Edmure Tully is one of the most common and recurring characters in the third season of the Game of Thrones TV series. The character is played by Tobias Menzies. Tully, as he is sometimes referred to, is the son of the Lord Hoster Tully of Riverrun and the Heir of the Tully family. Moreover, Edmure has older siblings, Catelyn and Lysa.

By appearance, Edmure has blue eyes and auburn hair; his appearance is likened to most Tully’s and he grows very fierce beard as well. During battle, Edmure Tully puts on bright mails and owns a number of cloaks, but he is fond of the flowing blue-and-red and mud-and-water cloaks. Edmure has a crest which features a silver trout.

Among the three Children, he is the only son and the third child of the House of Tully; this makes him an automatic heir to the family. Edmure Tully never really spent time with his mother who died when he was still too young to recognize her.

During his youthful days, Edmure was known to be hot tempered but at the same time, very good-hearted with an accommodating personality. Being the extrovert he was, Edmure had several friends, all who shared his characteristics notably Marq Piper. At one point, he broke his arm as he fell from an elm in Riverrun’s godswood. Edmure was a great fan of wenching and had a myriad of affairs. In one of his many scenarios, he over drank and could not ‘perform’. Due to his character, one of the singers, Tom of Sevens to be specific, composed a mock song describing Edmure as a ‘floppy fish’. This is the root cause of the sheer hatred that Edmure had for singers in general.

In season 3 of the series, Edmure is seen presiding over his father’s funeral according to the customs of the House of Tully. The customs dictate that the departed be placed on a funeral boat and set to burn using a flaming arrow. Unfortunately, Edmure fails at the funeral boat, a scene that jilted his uncle who shoved him off and sought to finish the ongoing process alone. After that, Edmure is chided by King Robb and Ser Brynden on grounds of attacking Stone Mill. In that attack above two hundred men lost their lives only for Ser Gregor Clegane to escape to Casterly Rock towards the south, and just two nephews of Twyin Lannister were taken hostage.

Throughout his appearances in the series, his characters significantly contribute to the developing of the plot of the movie. His last appearance is when he is imprisoned and remains a hostage of the Lord Frey.

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