Catch Drogon before Season 5 of Game of Thrones Premieres!

Over the last four years of Game of Thrones, HBO has realized the creative potential of their fans. The Game of Thrones fans are far and varied and love spending their time writing, drawing, GIF-ing and speculating on the future of the series. HBO has given fans opportunities to play along with the show.

Before season 4, fans were invited to #RoastJoffrey, tweeting insults about the boy king with a temper. Styled as online comedy roast, everyone from Maisie Williams, who portrays Arya Stark, to Au Bon Pain got in on the action. As a countdown to Season 4, HBO also created the 30 Days of Beautiful Death series. Each day featured an illustration of a death in the show, ranging from Ned Stark’s beheading to Daenerys eating the heart of a dead horse. During the fourth season, viewers were encouraged to use the hashtag #TakeTheThrone while watching the show. HBO then created an interactive 3D model of the Iron Throne at Tweeters who used the hashtag were also entered to win a free trip to the San Diego Comic-Con.

season 5 game of thrones catch drogon

For the Season 5 premiere, HBO is asking Game of Thrones fans to help catch Drogon. Drogon is the largest of Daenerys’ dragons and has often been off-screen causing havoc lately. Last we heard, Drogon had burned and eaten a human child. Daenerys decided that she must chain up her dragons, as they are no longer controllable. However, Drogon had already flown far away and only Rhaegal and Viserion could be contained. Now, fans must help catch Drogon before he causes more harm! You can use gifs in the Drogon Bait Shop and tweet, Tumbl or Facebook the variety to your heart’s content. Fans who tweet and catch Drogon will be eligible to see unique content or win cash prizes. Head over to the Drogon Bait Shop for your chance to win!

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