Bronn Character Profile

Bronn is one of the major characters in the second, third, fourth and fifth seasons of the Game of Thrones. He made his first appearance as a recurring character in season one. Bronn is a skilled and witty sellsword whose prominence is seen when he Champions for Tyrion Lannister during his trial by combat in the Eyrie. As a reward, he joins Tyrion’s service as his bodyguard and law enforcement personnel.

Gendry Bronn starts off as an obscure mercenary, as the movie progresses however; his fortunes rise slowly by slowly. He for instance, is appointed commander of the City Watch in King’s Landing when Tyrion is acting Hand in the second season. Later, he is awarded knighthood for the crucial role he undertook in the course of the Blackwater battle. In Westeros, his status increases more when he into a well-planned marriage to Lolly Stokesworth, as part of political truce by Queen Cersei. Due to this, Bronn rises to upper ranks of his status.

As a sellsword, Bronn is a mercenary soldier who is hired for his services as a warrior. Despite his growing popularity, little is known of his past, and no one even cares to dig deep into the same. As they were out on a drinking game alongside Tyrion and Shae, Bronn alleges that he slain a woman before he was 12 years old in defense as the woman tried to attack him with an axe.

Although Bronn is a reputable fighter, he has an avaricious nature which even other more honorable knights do not seem to fancy. His combat techniques revolve around swiftness and dodging enemy attacks rather than barring them. It is these reasons that makes him to neither wear intensive armor nor use shields, but instead simply uses his sword and knives.

When Tyrion arrives, Bronn is staying at the Crossroads Inn, he, in exchange for gold, gives his room to Tyrion. Catelyn Stark and Ser Rodrik Cassel imprison Tyrion before he succeeds in fulfilling his promise. Bronn accompanies Catelyn and Tyrion’s party to the Vale of Arryn and eavesdrops at a conversation of Tyrion promising an attractive prize to any man who helps him achieve his goals. On their way, they are attacked tribesmen of the hill, where Bronn shines by killing a large number of the attackers; it is here that Tyrion notes his combat skills.

Throughout the series, Bronn plays a very important part in reinforcing the theme and building the plot of the series. In each season he features his prominent characters is arguably undeniable. Particularly, his prowess as a warrior brings him into interaction with many characters both of high and low caliber.

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