Bran Stark Character Profile

Brandon Stark, popularly known as Bran Stark or just Bran is the second son of Lord Eddard Stark and Lady Catelyn Tully; overall, he is the fourth child of the couple. His older siblings include Rob, Sansa, Arya and Jon while Rikon is the younger of his siblings. Just like his siblings, Brand is always alongside his direwolf, summer; the duo shares a very strong warg connection. At the onset of A Game of Thrones, Bran is seven years old. This impressive character is played by Isaac Hempstead Wright.

Apparently, Bran takes after his mother in appearance featuring thick auburn hair and Tully’s deep blue eyes. Moreover, Bran has an impressive personality and as such, his sweet personality draws him love from everyone in Winterfell. Bran appears to be fond of climbing and exploring along the walls and the castle ramparts. At one point, Lady Catelyn joked that Bran was able to climb even before he was able to walk during his infanthood, albeit Bran’s fascination, her mother does not seem to like it.

In addition, Bran is one of the dutiful characters who also possess an unquenchable thirst for adventure and fun, just like siblings of his. Bran’s half-brother Jon thinks that Bran is stubborn and curious always wanting to join the play of older boys thinking himself an adult at just seven. Albeit all that he grows more serious and thoughtful, after his fall, when his situation grows even worse.

Apart from his direwolf, Summer, Bran is later exposed as possessing the greensight which allows him to have frequent prophetic dreams. Bran has a vision of becoming a knight has asked to listen to Knight Stories so much that their names are like ‘music to him!’ He especially seems to like the ideals of the Kingsguard, but is demoralized to find out from his father that the current standards of the Kingsguard have been lowered. Of course, after Bran’s injury, he is incapable of becoming a knight anyway.

It is fair to call Bran a mystical child, backed up by his frequent coma-dreams which later turn out to be real visions of the current ongoing world over. Sadly, the seven-year-old Bran is going to be crippled for the rest of his life. Despite the sudden and unfortunate fall, Bran copes well and deals fairly good with the fear of his dreams not becoming a reality.

In terms of his role in plot development, Bran is the only member of the Stark that sees beyond the politics Eddard, Catelyn, Robb and the rest are engrossed in. He believes that there is something else out there, ‘something dangerous and cold’; and as one may speculate, this might be the reason he calls his direwolf summer. As his brothers are Fighting Lannister, he is preparing to fight ‘the real enemy’-winter. Bran is also associated and relates with a myriad of other characters throughout the series.

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