Benjen Stark Character Profile

Benjen Stark is one of the prominent characters in season one of the series Game of Throne. The character is played in the series by guest star Joseph Mawle who debuts in the series premiere. In the movie, Benjen Stark is the First Ranger of the Night’s Watch. He fails to return after embarking on a ranging on the north side of the wall.

He is the son of Rickard Stark, and the youngest one for that matter. Rickard, his father, was the head of the Stark’s house and Lord Paramount of the North. The North, where Rickard was the Lord is among the constituent regions which form part of the Seven Kingdoms. House of Stark is among the Great Houses which form the territory. From their seat of Winterfell, the House Stark rule the region as Rickard was also known as the Lord of Winterfell.

Among his siblings are his brother and sister, Eddard and Lyanna respectively with Benjen being the youngest among the three. During the Robert’s Rebellion war, Brandon, Rickard and Lyanna all perished. As a result, Eddard succeeded his father both in titles and responsibilities. Benjen was fortunate to join the Night’s Watch, which is the military force which guards and keeps vigil on the northern border of the kingdom of Sevens, where he was crowned as the First Ranger. Also, Benjen is a hero to Eddard’s bastard son Jon Snow.

In season one, Benjen traverse southwards of the wall to join in the festival welcoming King Robert Baratheon at Wintefell. Alongside him is news to the merry-makers of bad omens from beyond the wall. Benjen praises the young deserter he earlier executed as a good man; he adds to Eddard that the deserter was a loyal ranger and a true ranger who never deserted his post lightly.

As Jon begins his training at Castle Black shortly after arriving, Benjen leaves for the north of the wall on the basis of ranging. Jon seeks his permission to come with him but Benjen turns the request down, arguing that on the wall, a man only gets what he deserves and not what he thinks is his birthright. Benjen bids farewell to his friend Yoren who is also a fellow recruiter for the Watch. Benjamin finds himself in a bitter exchange with Tyrion whom he feels holds the Watch unfairly even after Tyrion protests to the contrary.

In the end, Benjen disappears mysteriously. His horse returns to Castle Black alone without him, thereafter, two of his rangers are discovered dead in the forest way beyond the wall. They are returned to Castle Black to be studied by Maester Aemon. Surprisingly, they reanimate at night as wights. Both are killed and their bodies buried. As a result, Lord Commander Jeor Mormont swears to increase the watch beyond the Wall to find the roots of the current ongoing. He also assures people that he must find Benjen dead or alive.

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