3 Headed Dragon Game of Thrones Theory

House Targaryen’s sigil is a three-headed dragon that breaths red on black flames. The 3-headed dragon symbolizes the conqueror and his two sisters who were named Rhaenys and Visenya. The words of their house were fire and blood. Even though the Targaryen kings seized their place at King’s Landing, Dragonstone … Continue reading

Sansa and Dunk and Egg parallels Game of Thrones Theory

Poor Sansa has been tossed around, imprisoned, and taken on an emotional rollercoaster. Her story is often followed with quite a bit of interest and sympathy, and some readers and viewers have cooked up a theory about her love interests and her endgame.Dunk and Egg is a folktale told in … Continue reading

Azor Ahai Game of Thrones Theory

Azor Ahai was originally a man that labored for one hundred and eighty total nights before creating his perfect sword. In order to allow the sword to become the Lightbringer he thrusts the blade into his wife’s breast; her soul becomes embedded in the sword. This Lightbringer is the only … Continue reading

Robert’s Rebellion Game of Thrones Theory

Robert’s rebellion was one of the biggest civil wars in the vast house of Westeros. Robert’s rebellion began just after Lord Rickard Stark, and Brandon Stark were executed by the mad King Aerys which resulted in the raid of House Targaryen and the death of most of its members. After … Continue reading