Season 5 Episode 10: Mother’s Mercy

The 5th season finale of Game of Thrones, Mother’s Mercy, certainly did not have any mercy for its characters. The 10th episode opens with what appears to be good news for Stannis — the snow is melting, allowing him to march to Winterfell. However, as he tours the camp he … Continue reading

Season 5 Episode 10 Predictions

Episode 10 and season finale of season 5 of Game of Thrones is entitled “Mother’s Mercy”. Now, if we know anything about the world of Game of Thrones, it is that there is no mercy, whether it comes from a mother or someone else. The HBO summary of the episode … Continue reading

Season 5 Episode 9: The Dance of Dragons

Episode 9 of season 5 of Game of Thrones, ‘The Dance of Dragons’, opens as Stannis’s camp is set upon by Ramsay Bolton’s men. Tents, supplies, horses and men are lost in the blazes. Just north of Stannis, Jon and the wildlings arrive at the Wall. After a tense moment … Continue reading

Season 5 Episode 8 Predictions

Game of Thrones continues to march into new territory in Episode 8 of Season 5, “Hardhome”. Dramatic changes from the A Song of Ice and Fire series makes it more and more difficult to predict what is coming for the characters we all love. Check out the teaser for Episode … Continue reading

Season 5 Episode 4 Predictions

The title of Season 5 episode 4, “Sons of the Harpy,” suggests that we will be focusing on Daenerys’s struggle to maintain power in Meereen. Daenerys is beginning to realize that being a queen is more than simply conquering a city and her leadership falters for it. The Sons of … Continue reading

Game of Thrones Season 5 Episode 8 Guide

Episode 8: Hardhome In episode 8 of season 5, “Hardhome”, Daenerys must decide Jorah and Tyrion’s fate. Dany is understandably hesitant to believe that Tyrion is actually who he says he is and, if his identity is true, why he wishes to help her. She asks him to decide Jorah’s … Continue reading

Catch Drogon before Season 5 of Game of Thrones Premieres!

Over the last four years of Game of Thrones, HBO has realized the creative potential of their fans. The Game of Thrones fans are far and varied and love spending their time writing, drawing, GIF-ing and speculating on the future of the series. HBO has given fans opportunities to play … Continue reading